The Mavens

We're the Deannas!!! That's right we have the same first name, for reals...promise! We also just happen to be besties, what can we say...2 is DEFINITELY better then 1! As besties we have lots in common and while those things bring us closer it's the differences that really make us stronger. We have been through thick and thin, long distances and some of the best times of our lives...with only more great times ahead. We're excited to share our families and our lives with you, come get to know us as besties and as individuals.

 Welcome to our little corner of the interwebs. I'm Deanna, Deanna Ketchup to be exact. I'm a wife to the love of my life, former Marine and current techie nerd. We're high school sweethearts (awww) who've been through it all, most recently moving our family to the great northwest where we hope to be for the next forever or so! I'm a mother of 2 wild and crazy, silly billy boys 13 months apart. Our oldest, Hunter, will most def be the class clown, cracking us up and causing chaos at every turn...sometimes making this Deanna want to pull her hair out! ::said through angry teeth:: Our youngest, Colton, is the most stubborn, sweet, cuddly, frustrating, hot-headed love bug you'll ever know but he completes our perfect family of four. There will be NO more kidlets for us...mark my words...two is all this mom can handle! Phew! Glad we got that settled.

I love to make things, all the things! Whether that is cooking or crafting, pinterest is my oyster and honestly the best thing thats happened since sliced bread AND the Heinz Dip & Squeeze (more on that later)! I'm in love with ice cream and I definitely watch waaaayyy too much TV. Most importantly I love me some ketchup and consider myself a ketchup-aholic...hence (yeah hence) the nickname!!! If it needs a condiment I'm sure it's ketchup...don't leave home without it, I don't!! No but seriously... ;)

Hi, as you know, I’m Deanna also. I’ll go by Bacon. Why? Well, because I have an insane love for the stuff. Like, seriously. Why I’m not 500 pounds I’ll never know. Also, bacon shares the first letter of my last name so it just makes sense that I’d be Deanna Bacon.

I’m a firefighter’s wife and an infertile momma! I am a mom to four babies – two perfect, IVF, little boys 16 months apart and two beautiful girls in heaven. I fought hard to be a mom and I fight hard daily to survive as a mom. This is tough shit, man! Our oldest, Gavin, is a buuuuusy (no, really, that busy,) rambunctious toddler that we lovingly call “mister chievous.” Madden, the littlest, was born three months premature and I’m navigating a new world full of doctor’s visits and medical mumbo jumbo. My husband is a dead sexy fireman (that uniform…hubba hubba!) and is awesome enough to bust his ass working so I can stay home and try my best to keep the kiddos alive. I love to bake but I'm not really into the whole cooking a meal thing (unless there’s bacon involved,) I pretty much suck at housekeeping, I hate to exercise and I pretty much just eat anything I want (which is really just any beverage with caffeine these days) and I use a lot of parenthesis. Nice to meetcha!

Welcome to our blog, we're excited you stopped by and hope you'll join us on this crazy mayhem filled blogging adventure!

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