Our Mayhem


Gavin is all boy, through and through. He loves motorcycles and trains, laughs at farts and enjoys giving his mommy a heart attack regularly. He’s a runner, jumper and climber. He started walking at 10 months old and has barely sat down since. He is the spitting image of the hubs and equally as stubborn. He mastered the word "no" and isn't afraid to use it. We tried for two years before IVF brought Gavin into our lives. He is an answered prayer and I remind myself of that when he’s climbing the walls and hanging from the ceiling fans (figuratively, but give it time.) I’m a sucker for his chubby cheekers (so damn kissable,) his “squeeeeeeezes” (hugs,) and how he calls me ‘mommeeeeee” (not mom or momma.)

Madden is our littlest (for now.) He was born at 28 weeks weighing just 2lbs 13oz. After almost 8 weeks in the NICU, he came home! Aside from needing a small amount of oxygen, he’s perfectly healthy. Madden has a twin sister that died in utero at 15 weeks gestation. The complications from that loss made this pregnancy very high risk which is why he was born so early. He’s a champion eater and sleeper – that’s the extent of his activity these days. Madden is quite the cuddler and has cheekers just like his big bro…they make me weak! It's just a matter of time before he's bouncing off the walls like Gavin and his fragile, preemie state is just a blur.

Hunter is our oldest, at only 3 he is quite the little Mr. Bossy Pants and definitely a joker. He most recently hid and scared the bajebus out of me. (Yeah I scare easy...what?) He's constantly saying the darndest things and pushing the limits as only a THREEnager can! But we are so incredibly thankful for all his cheer and even all his trials. After spending 6 weeks in the OICU at only 2 1/2 months old we learned that he has an immune deficiency. Since then we've spent many-a-night in the hospital and try desperately to stay away! He receives antibodies to help him stave off infection every 8 weeks called IVIG, which is infused into his little body through a port located in his chest under the skin. In August, we saw the amazing immunology team at Children's Hospital in Seattle and are doing some more definitive testing that will tell us if IVIG is still necessary. Fingers (and toes) crossed that we can soon be done with IVIG and can have his port removed. Wouldn't it be so fun if he could go to preschool like a regular kid?? Hey, I can hope! (This mom would be OVER THE MOON!!!)

Colton is our snuggle bug adventurer! He is 2 years old and only 13 months younger then his brother. From the very beginning he has had a temper like only I know {he must have got that from his father ;)} and doesn't really take no for an answer. No, but really he doesn't like "NO" and I find it incredibly difficult to tell him that. Whoops! He has my heart strings and gosh darn it I think he's starting to figure it out! But, if you hurt yourself Colton is the first one to come check to see if you are ok. The kid also loves to eat and is the first to come running if he hears the chip bag being opened. Ever since he learned to walk he's never stopped running! It's kinda like Forest Gump...he literally never walks. We are pretty sure he will be our athlete. He's definitely all brawn. He'll be the big burley guy who loves to cuddle and that makes me quite a happy Momma indeed!