Monday, March 4, 2013

From Bacon...Mayhem Monday

Things have been busy around these parts.

*** There have been 1-2 doctor appointments weekly lately. Between regular preemie appointments, the family sickies, my surgery and multiple specialist appointments for Madden, we've been a the doctor's a lot lately. We have 2-3 appointments a week through March now too!
Keeping a toddler entertained at the doctor's

*** Madden is a growing chunker now! The tiny, not even 3lb, fragile baby I met in the NICU nearly 8 months ago, now weighs 17lbs 11oz!!! He's rolling over and spending lots of time jump, jump, jumping (and sometimes falling asleep) in his bouncer.
Getting to wear some of the fave jammies
(worn by Ketchup's littlest, G and now M!)
Hanging in brother's new recliner, getting ready
for a family walk and sleeping in the jumper.
*** M still spits up a lot because of his reflux and recent diagnosis of tracheomalacia so we're trying a different round of meds, we add cereal to his bottle and we're doing a bronchoscopy (procedure to view past his vocal cords to properly diagnose tracheomalacia or any other culprits.) M is also scheduled for surgery (to repair his inguinal hernia, do his circumcision and do the bronchoscopy) on the 11th. I know he'll be fine but I get really sad if I think about it too much.

7 months old (almost 8 now!)

*** Gavin just turned 2 (on the 28th)!!!!!!!
Then and now
Park fun for my two-year old!!!
*** We had a party for G this weekend. It was only a family party (22 adults + 3 toddlers + 1 infant) to limit the germ exposure for M but the two families with the other two toddlers cancelled at the last minute. I was so upset. It ended up fine though.
Party Jamberry nails, white chocolate dipped marshmallows,
"Fire Extinguisher" waters and fire truck treats
Table set up, drink station complete with fire hydrant
sippys for the two party poopers and G's party table

Party shirts for the boys

*** The hubs is also in school for a certificate that will get him a 12% raise so that's been keeping him quite busy (read: I'm getting less help when he's home.)

*** He's also starting to apply for fire departments in Washington/Idaho so we can move closer to the Besties (the Ketchup fam!)

*** This kid...

Toddler selfies on my phone trying to potty train himself! No, seriously! He woke up one morning and said "potty." We put him on the toilet and he went! Now, he asks to go and does!!!  He doesn't always ask to go but I rarely ask him so I take what I get. He's also gone #2 by request. It's the least he could do since he tortures me by not eating or sleeping consistently.
*** And, more bottle!!!

*** Oh, oh!!! The best mayhem is planning our visit to the Ketchup household!!!! That'll be happening in 27 days!!! Woot woot! We're driving (please pray for us!) from Los Angeles to Eastern Idaho at the end of the month and staying for 2-2.5 months! Woot woot again!!!
*** These two munchkins keep me go, go, going!!!

Top Left: G got to M before I did after nap one day.
He climbed into his pack and play and laid with him
waiting for me. M having a Bumbo sink bath.
G "helping" make frosting for his birthday party cupcakes.
G trying to teach M to roll.

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