Monday, January 7, 2013

From Ketchup…Mayhem Monday

The update of all updates!

Ummm…soooo…it’s been foreva, eva since I’ve written. I was feeling a little a lot guilty about this until I reminded myself that we’re writing for us and well I’ve had quite a TON going on lately. But seriously it’s been 2 months…no excuses!

*I feel like the last 2 months have been crrraaazzzy town for us. Back in November we went to Cali for by BIL’s wedding and to visit with our other halves! We had a fantastic time and Bacon and I are going to put together a joint post (with LOOoots of pics!) hopefully someday. Someday.

*After we got home it was Thanksgiving. This was the first Thanksgiving I’ve had with my side of the family in years, they’ve always lived too far away so that was nice to spend it with my whole immediate family. That’s why we moved to the ‘ho right?! Well one of them at least.

*The Thanksgiving weekend we moved out of my parent’s house. When we moved from Cali we moved in with my parents. We lived there for 10 months. It was a great 10 months and we were able to reestablish our savings account (which was the main goal) since Hunter got sick we’ve been unable to save a dime. Everything went towards medical debt. Which we are STILL dealing with but FINALLY we have some serious cash in the bank! YEA!!!

So we got all our crap out of storage and moved into a duplex with a basement. The kids are in heaven with all the extra space and I think it’s been an all around great thing. We moved on good terms with my parents and I think everyone is enjoying their own space.

*We FINALLY, finally got some test results back on Hunter and myself. We went to Seattle Children’s back in October. So basically we now know that Hunter does in fact need IVIG, the docs are keeping him at 8 week dosage intervals but bumping up the dosage because he has grown like a weed. (2 inches since July!! No wonder those pants I bought him September are now high waters! OY!) His immune system is working but not normally. His T-cell helpers (the guys that fight infection) aren’t communicating with the B-cells (his memory cells that remember how to fight infection) so the lack of proper communication makes him more susceptible to infection. We also found out that I have a genetic mutation which we suspect H has, which is the major cause of all this BUT the mutation was just discovered in July 2011 and there isn’t much known about it yet.

So the next step is to do the genetic test on both Hunter and Colton and go from there. As of now the docs are happy with the therapy plan we have for H and so we’ll continue that. They also think it’s a good idea for us to put H into preschool to start exposing him to ‘other germs’ so we’ll start that late spring/summer to hopefully avoid the major flu season. I’m excited for him and hella nervous at the same time. EEEeeee!!!! In the meantime, I enrolled him in swim class which he starts tomorrow. It’s gonna be great!

*We took our very first professional family photos ever! I’ve taken the kids to have theirs done but never with the hubs and I too. I’m ridiculously happy with them. The boys were AMAZING for the photographer and totally shocked the hell outta the hubs and I with how well they did.
THIS happy family is going to be blown up and put on our wall in canvas for all to see!
I mean COME ONE!!! I can't get enough of this one! Too much...too much!
*We had our very first Christmas here in the ‘ho as well. We introduced the boys to Peppermint, our Elf of the Shelf. (If you don’t follow me on instagram you should…, all our Peppermint mischief and other ketchup nonsense is on there). We had a blast with him and I can’t wait for him to visit next year. Hunter was just starting to really get into looking for him every morning as we got closer to Christmas. Next year he’ll def be all over it! Santa brought the boys a train table and it has quickly become our most favorite toy! Christmas was different for me this year. Last year we spent Christmas in the OICU at Children’s Hospital in Orange with Hunter so anything is better then doing that again. I need to write a separate post on all things Christmas. It’s just too much and this is already getting too long.

So if you’ve stuck around this long stay tuned…more to follow. The kidlets are in need of some lunch. Mom duties are-a-callin’!

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