Friday, January 18, 2013

From Ketchup…Epic Mishap

If you follow me on instagram then yesterday you saw that I had quite the mishap with the soy sauce. And boy did I.

Have you ever had one of THOSE days? I don’t know what my problem was yesterday but I just wasn’t thinking. And it sucked and I paid for it…in the form of a soy sauce spray tan!

The boys and I ran to the store yesterday morning after dropping the hubs off at work. We got home and I needed to quickly feed the kidlets breakfast while I put the groceries away so we could get to Costco before swim class.

So while I was running here and there putting the groceries away the kids were eating some of those cake sugar cookies with the frosting on them. (When purchasing these cookies my gut told me it was an awful decision because they make such an incredible mess but my “let’s-just-get-a-treat-because-it-feels-like-that-kind-of-day” won out…(side note to a side note:Yes, I fully realize this is NOT a good breakfast).

Anywho, I was working up quite the sweat putting stuff away so naturally, I took off my pants. What?! You don’t take off your pants when you get hot?! No? Hmm…well you’re just weird! When I get hot I don’t take off the sweatshirt I’m wearing, that makes WAY too much sense. I don’t know what it is but when I get hot the pants come off.

So here I am running around the house like a crazy lady in my underwear, socks, and sweatshirt. I’ve put away all the stuff that belongs in the house and so I moved out to the garage to put away the garage fridge stuff. Ya know, all the extra cheese, meat, and produce. Well the damn garage fridge door doesn’t stay open on its own because the fridge isn’t level. This makes me absolutely crazy. All the while your trying to organize shit in the fridge the damn door is closing on you, hitting you in the elbow, head or back. It really infuriates me!!! So I grab the first thing I can find to prop the door open so the constant swinging of the door STOPS! And what do I grab? Soy sauce!! AH HA…my saving grace! The giant Costco sized bottle of soy sauce!

All was well until…well, until it wasn’t. Of course, because I was moving too quickly and because, well, I was half dressed and needed to be punished, the soy sauce became dislodged and crashed to the hard cement garage floor.

What a mess!!!! It went everywhere!!!!!! All over the freshly painted white walls of the garage, inside the pantry closet we have right next to the fridge (naturally this was open as I was putting stuff away), all over the inside of the freezer (which is at the bottom of the garage fridge) and all over my bare legs giving me a very cold but decent spray tan! Any and all obscenities known to man were shouted at octaves heard by every person within a 10 mile radius. Dumb.
photo 5
Soy sauce runs...reminiscent of spray tan runs no?? (damn hot sexy legs tho right??)
  I can laugh about it now…sure, but I was pisssssssed!

photo 4
See!!!...I'm a total hot mess...and pantless!
I grabbed some old towels and a huge cup of water and wiped most of it up. Unfortunately these pictures were taken after I thought “Hey THIS would make a great post” and took said pictures and man I really should have taken a pic of  my legs. Wowza!

 photo 2  photo 1
photo 3
This is what I managed to salvage...because I'm cheap!
So after I came in from the garage massacre I found my sweet angel boys playing in mounds of smashed cookies because the soy sauce spray tan just wasn’t enough.

Needless to say I found a nice cushy spot on the linoleum floor and had myself a good cry. Why?! Because I felt like it dammit!!!!! What a morning!!

Have you had one of ‘those’ days before? Interested in writing a guest post? Hit me up!

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