Thursday, January 24, 2013

From Bacon...Who Needs A Gall Bladder

I know I've been MIA. No excuses. Or, really, just the same old lots-going-on-I-have-two-boys-who-run-my-life-my-toddler-now-sleeps-in-my-bed-regularly-and-my-husband-works-48-hour-shifts.

New Years eve eve (that's Decemebr 30th incase I lost you) I had to go to the ER after enduring the most insane pain that had me rolled into the fetal position on the living room floor for an hour (while the kiddos napped at the same time for the first time in days!)

EKG, X-ray, ultrasound and blood work was done and I had gall stones.

Helpful tip: DO NOT eat pizza when you unknowingly have gall stones. You will have a gall bladder attack but not know what it is and assume you're dying.

This past week (January 16th, more than two weeks from the first attack) I had my gall bladder removed. (During those two weeks I had to steer clear of all delicious foods for fear of having another attack.)

Surgery was pretty easy, the parts I remember at least. I left the hospital sans gall bladder (I'm assuming) with four tiny incisions.

It wasn't until the next day when I removed the bandaids (I'm crazy allergic to the adhesives on bandaids and can only handle them for two days before I become an itching maniac) that I saw staples. My post-op appointment wasn't for a week. I'd just have staples for seven days?!?

The bloated, stapled, gut 24 hours after surgery
Staples are not fun so have and especially when you have a toddler and a baby that like to kick! They were constantly being snagged, pulled and irritated! (Post-Op appointment post coming next!)

Life without a gall bladder is pretty much the same as before except there are more frequent trips to the bathroom. Some foods just go right through me (TMI?) It really doesn't bother me. It's currently serving as my diet as I'm making up for time without bacon while my bum gall bladder was still around.

So that's the excitement for me in 2013!

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