Monday, April 15, 2013

From Ketchup…Stomach Flu From Hell

**Disclaimer: This blog post was written at 2:30 am in the heat of the moment…I love my hubs and I appreciate him greatly. I was sick, irrational, and well isn’t that when the BEST blog posts are created?? We, in the Ketchup household have just finished a utterly oobertastic round of the stomach flu which rocked our home starting Friday, 3/29, and hitting me the day before my birthday, 4/2, and wrapping up a week after the Bacon crew rolled in. Soooo in all fairness…yeah!
Stomach flu...God's marital challenge. What kind of spouse did you marry?
"Mom!" Yelled over the baby monitor at 1:30am ... is most likely the worst and only time you dread hearing your name uttered, well...other then when you FINALLY sit down on the couch, after putting the kidlets down for bed, with a big fat bowl of ice cream...ready to dive in. Alas, you are ripped from your sweet, sweet slumber only to just make it to the bedside (or in my case the crib side) ready to catch the putrid vile sludge that escapes the lips of your wee tot! So is the life of a mom dealing with the stomach flu! Oh you stomach flu rot in hell why don't you!!!!!
Sitting on the toilet after just holding the bowl for your 3 year old vomiting son while you shoot bullets out your own ass rear you can hear your spouse snoring in the next room! To kill him or not? Is he the snoozer or is it you?
The only thing worse then having to catch and clean up this vile sludge is having to return to bed (your stomach in knots for you are still suffering from the nights past stomach trauma of your own) only to find your sweet spouse literally taking care of the forest...sawing logs! I'm convinced at this point the only reason I don't put all of us out of our misery is pure exhaustion and the fact that the aforementioned stomach trauma of your own has left you weak and feeble and therefore you are likely unable to successfully carry out the deed because of your own malnutrition! Who wants to screw that up, am I right? You probs only have one chance to get that shit right before he catches on! Right??!!
So you return to bed trying to fall asleep (whilst your stomach gurgles away trying to reformat your giga hard-drive) and you wonder if you ever truly loved the slumbering sloth next to you...will.refrain.from.bodily.harm. You will! The authorities will only take your children and now surely you've earned that shit...I mean the right to care for them entirely. I just caught throw up for crying out loud!!! For the 3rd time tonight alone!!!! Damn. Andplusalso, the stomach flu for you and both your kids on your birthday is truly a gift that keeps on giving!!! (See what I did right there?? Keeps on giving! HA!)

Funny Confession Ecard: I don't want to sleep like a baby. I just want to sleep like my husband.
Very early on in our marriage, long before kids, the hubs and I made a deal that I would handle the majority of the poop and he would handle all things voms related. (This is a topic I feel all couples planning to have a family should discuss before kids). Well although the ratio of poo to voms is entirely swayed he has definitely had to deal with the poo factor…however, I have dealt with far too much voms…I’m not the voms handling parent gosh darn it!!!

Monday, March 25, 2013

From Bacon...Road Trippin'

It's less than a week until the Bacons and the Ketchups are ALL together...for the first time EVER!!!!!!! (The Ketchup littles have yet to meet my littlest.)

Saturday, March 30th, Hubs and I will load up the 2 year old and 8 month old and start the 1300+ mile drive to the 'Ho (Idaho.)

It's an understatement to say I'm nervous. Scared? More accurate. Terrified? There ya go!!!

We're splitting the trip into four days (6ish hours driving a day) to break it up into more manageable bits.

Anyone have any hints or tips for a car trip with a busy toddler?

And stay tuned for loads of posts and Instagrams of all the fun the Deannas and families will be having!!!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

From Ketchup…The House Hunt

The hubs and I have been married for nearly 10 years. And for about as long as I can remember, long before the hubs even, I’ve wanted my own house.
We learned very early on in our marriage that we could make a home anywhere. The hubs enlisted in the Marines a year into our marriage and we spent the next 4 years in Oceanside. After the Marines we moved to the OC and from there to Idaho where we currently live.
We’ve moved 8 times in the 10 years we’ve been married. So I’d say we’ve become somewhat of professional movers and let’s be honest. I’m sick and tired of it! I think I pretty much hate moving more then anything else in the whole world…and no that’s not dramatic at all!
Well I’m excited to announce we are officially on the hunt for our very first home! Squeeeeeeeeee!!! I can’t even explain the excitement this brings me. I know owning a home is a lot of work and I’m not dilusional enough to think it’s all going to be rainbows and butterflies but to have a place we call home that is truly ours and not some rent collectors sounds utterly dreamy!
And guess what?? I can paint the walls whatever flipping color I want and...and...I can buy a fridge! A nice fantastic fridge! I know…I’m crazy. Woohoo!!! I might have an appliance envy issue.
So we found a pretty fantastic little home with an amazingly huge lot in a great neighborhood. Of course it needs some work but the floor plan is awesomely perfect for our little family. We put our very first-ever-offer in late last night and now we wait. The seller has until tonight at 7pm to accept, reject or counter. And just by the way this waiting business SUCKS! It’s all a little surreal, considering I feel like this is the longest coming part of our ‘master plan’! I’ve got all fingers, toes and eyes crossed.
But now we wait…and I begin the search for the perfect fridge…french door, freezer on top, freezer on bottom, side-by-side oh my! Frigidaire, GE, Kenmore, KitchenAid, LG, Samsung, Whirlpool, and more! Any suggestions??

Friday, March 15, 2013

From Ketchup…Messy, Tragic, Confusing and Dumb

So I’ve been MIA from the blog for some time now. Faaaarrrr too long…
There are many little reasons why but one HUGE one. I felt like I really couldn’t write about anything until I took the time to write THIS post.
It’s not going to be pretty but it needs to be…to be written. I need to get it out, just put it out there and be done.
So on with it! First…a little history… My biological mother suffered from alcoholism, chronic drug use, and mental health issues for most of my life. I haven’t had a real relationship with her since I was twelve. It was a messy childhood but my Dad and stepmom (who I call Mom…because basically she’s been the only ‘real’ mom any girl could ever have) did an ok job, at least I’d like to think so…I turned out pretty good. Right?
So my full sister and I pretty much shut her out of our lives. It was just easier that way. Every time we tried to let her back in our lives she’d relapse and it’d be a hot mess disaster again.  She was in and out of jail, mental hospitals, rehabs, you name it she tried it. Our little hearts couldn’t handle it. Well, because we weren’t allowing her to be apart of our lives we sacrificed getting to spend time with our other two half sisters and the rest of our family members from that side. They all gave us our space and we periodically met up at graduations and special events without any real consistency.
When I had my boys, especially Hunter I felt like my wall with her went up even further. I desperately wanted to protect them from all things. Especially, the unknown. I didn’t even tell my bio mom that I was pregnant for fear that she would just show up at the hospital while I was giving birth. I know to some this may sound ridiculous and heartless. But this was the only way I knew I could protect my family. Although I do believe she had good intentions she was erratic and unpredictable.
On the flipside I always wished there was some way we could connect but I was afraid. Afraid for my family and afraid for my own heart. I truly hated that I couldn’t share my life and family with her. It would eat me up if I dwelled to long on it but I knew ultimately it was a sacrifice that I had no choice but to make.
When Hunter got sick I reached out to her for blood samples. We have been trying to do genetic sequencing for all the immediate family members to see if we could get some answers and find a link. She graciously helped when she could. We started talking more regularly, every couple of months…a tiny window of communication had begun. Our conversations weren’t very long but it was a beginning. Another beginning…one of many we’d had in the past…but I was holding out hope. Maybe things could be different.
She was well, had a part time job, and was on meds that seemed to be working. But as anyone who knows someone that suffers from an addiction it’s a rocky road.
So on December 12th I received a phone call from her. She wanted our new address so she could send the boys Christmas presents. We had a pretty easy conversation and then she told me that she had been diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. It had grown very quickly and had spread. She was currently undergoing chemo and was nearly done with her round of treatments. She said the cancer was responding well to the chemo and the docs were hoping that they wouldn’t have to operate at all. She said “don’t worry, I’ll be around to meet those grandbabies of mine one of these days.” And then she chuckled in that crazy raspy cackle.
I was completely blown away by her news. Utterly shocked…I didn’t believe her. The woman has lied so many times and as much as I was heartbroken for her I was skeptical. I immediately called my other two sisters and my ex-step dad (is that a thing?) and left messages. I wanted to confirm the information I had just heard.
I decided not to tell any of my immediate family members. I didn’t want to tell my sister or my parents until I knew the news was true, especially so close to the holidays. I finally got a FB response from one of my sisters, 4 days later, that confirmed the news and said the best person for me to talk with was my Aunt, as she had been going to the doc visits with my bio mom. My sis said she’d pass along my phone number to my Aunt so she could call and give me all the details. I wanted to know if the type of cancer she had was a type that had the genetic link. My bio mom had all girls (4 of us) and there was also all her own sisters. I thought it was an important question to have answered.
On Christmas Eve, around 1pm, I was taking a shower and I heard my phone ring. It went to voicemail. I saw that my Aunt had called and left a message. I finished getting ready. We were due to be at my parent’s house for dinner at 5. After I finished getting ready I listened to my voicemail and called my Aunt back. This was the first time I had talked to my Aunt in at least 12 years. And then she said, “Deanna, I hate to be the one to have to tell you this and especially on this day but your mother has passed away.”
Silence…I nearly dropped the phone. I just stood there, I didn’t know what to say. Then the tears fell. 
She explained to me that my mother hadn’t died from cancer…which was my immediate thought. Like so many times before, no one had heard from her for a little over a week. So they went to check on her and found her dead. It appeared that she had hit her head and had bled out. The medication she was on for the cancer had thinned her blood and escalated the process. And she was drinking, there was an open bottle of vodka on the counter…dammit!!!!
After speaking with my Aunt I hung up the phone and told my husband. We decided not to tell the rest of my family until after Christmas. We didn’t want to ruin anyone else’s holiday and I knew telling them at that point wouldn’t change anything, so I decided to wait. I went to my sister’s house the following Wednesday after she returned from vacay and told her and then told my parents on Thursday. 
Because there was some uncertainty on the cause of death, and to rule out any foul play, the city of LA performed an autopsy. The coroner determined it was blunt force trauma to the head and overall poor health that was the cause of her death. They believe her death occurred on December 13th, the day after we last spoke. If I’m truly honest then I’d confess that I fear she was drinking that day because she was overwhelmed by the fact that Christmas was rapidly approaching and she was dealing with sorrow and regret for how things were and how me having those feelings of guilt are sometimes completely and utterly overwhelming. I wish so desperately that things could have been different. Better. But I also know in my heart that they couldn’t haven’t been. It’s a tough place to be emotionally. And I’m still working through it. Honestly I may always be.
So my mother is dead. Well the person that grew me in her belly and brought me into the world is gone. All that just to get to this point. I’ve been dealing with a huge mixture of emotions and much like our relationship has been over the past 30 years it comes in waves. I also have a huge sense of relief. I’ve struggled over the past few months to try and feel O-K about feeling that way. She no longer has to suffer and even through all the ups and downs I do believe she found the Lord. I pray that she has found peace. True, real, warm peace and that gives me comfort. She lived a very, very hard life, I can’t even begin to imagine how hard it was for her. I have regret for not having a better relationship with her and especially for never giving her the chance to get to know her grandchildren. But, it’s over now. No more second guessing. I can not change the way things ended.
More then anything I needed to get this all out. I’ve been dreading it. Reliving it all over again, but I know for me I need to. This is why we started this blog. Life isn’t always pretty. It’s messy and tragic and confusing and dumb.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

From Bacon...Sleep H-e-l-l Progress

It's been a while since I last reached out for HELP regarding the sleep hell we were in with Gavin.

Initially, I was digging deep to be a hard a$$ and make him sleep in his own bed. Most times, he would fall asleep on the couch and we would gently move him to the toddler bed in his room. Then, he'd wake up 3-5 times a night. The first few times we'd put him back in the bed and sit next to him until he fell back asleep. Around 3am, we were too tired and would just scoop him up into our bed.

Napping like a king in mom and dad's bed
This turned into just letting him sleep in our bed. The hubs is gone two sleeps at a time for work and it was easier for me to just leave him in bed with me rather than run back and forth all while trying not to wake Madden, who was also in our room (in the pack and play.)

The old nightly routine when the hubs was home
Co-sleeping wasn't that bad. G slept right near/on his daddy and I barely realized he was there (until he'd wake up during the wee hours begging to watch Skrek!) Eventually, I just started to feel like G was running our lives. He would watch tv in our bed until falling asleep and then the hubs and I would watch our shows and have ice cream...except, sometimes he WOULDN'T fall asleep. Ugh. He'd be up, goofing around until 10pm (aka MY BEDTIME!)

So things changed.

Ketchup suggested we try moving his bed into our room. It really didn't appeal to me but it was my only option since I suck at the whole "tough love" thing.
G's new digs in our room
Four-ish weeks ago, I moved the toddler bed to our room and M to his own room (M is soooo much easier.) The first night I laid him in his bed and he was not happy. I convinced him to stay there and sat next to the bed until he fell asleep. It took 45 minutes. He slept until 1am. I went through the same routine and it took him TWO HOURS to fall back asleep. It was brutal but that was the only bad night we had ::knocks on wood::

It's still a work in progress. Naps are pretty inconsistent (now sleeping one hour instead of 2-3 hours) and he now wakes up between 6 and 6:30am every morning (instead of his previous 7-8am wake ups.) He wakes up 0-2 times a night but goes back to sleep pretty easily. More than anything, I'm so grateful to have time with the hubs again. We put G down and watch our shows and have ice cream together in the living room and we can talk freely because we're not worried about waking G.

The ultimate goal is for him to be comfortable and confident alone in his bed and then move him to his room when the hubs finishes his big boy (twin) bed.

We'll steps.

Monday, March 4, 2013

From Bacon...Mayhem Monday

Things have been busy around these parts.

*** There have been 1-2 doctor appointments weekly lately. Between regular preemie appointments, the family sickies, my surgery and multiple specialist appointments for Madden, we've been a the doctor's a lot lately. We have 2-3 appointments a week through March now too!
Keeping a toddler entertained at the doctor's

*** Madden is a growing chunker now! The tiny, not even 3lb, fragile baby I met in the NICU nearly 8 months ago, now weighs 17lbs 11oz!!! He's rolling over and spending lots of time jump, jump, jumping (and sometimes falling asleep) in his bouncer.
Getting to wear some of the fave jammies
(worn by Ketchup's littlest, G and now M!)
Hanging in brother's new recliner, getting ready
for a family walk and sleeping in the jumper.
*** M still spits up a lot because of his reflux and recent diagnosis of tracheomalacia so we're trying a different round of meds, we add cereal to his bottle and we're doing a bronchoscopy (procedure to view past his vocal cords to properly diagnose tracheomalacia or any other culprits.) M is also scheduled for surgery (to repair his inguinal hernia, do his circumcision and do the bronchoscopy) on the 11th. I know he'll be fine but I get really sad if I think about it too much.

7 months old (almost 8 now!)

*** Gavin just turned 2 (on the 28th)!!!!!!!
Then and now
Park fun for my two-year old!!!
*** We had a party for G this weekend. It was only a family party (22 adults + 3 toddlers + 1 infant) to limit the germ exposure for M but the two families with the other two toddlers cancelled at the last minute. I was so upset. It ended up fine though.
Party Jamberry nails, white chocolate dipped marshmallows,
"Fire Extinguisher" waters and fire truck treats
Table set up, drink station complete with fire hydrant
sippys for the two party poopers and G's party table

Party shirts for the boys

*** The hubs is also in school for a certificate that will get him a 12% raise so that's been keeping him quite busy (read: I'm getting less help when he's home.)

*** He's also starting to apply for fire departments in Washington/Idaho so we can move closer to the Besties (the Ketchup fam!)

*** This kid...

Toddler selfies on my phone trying to potty train himself! No, seriously! He woke up one morning and said "potty." We put him on the toilet and he went! Now, he asks to go and does!!!  He doesn't always ask to go but I rarely ask him so I take what I get. He's also gone #2 by request. It's the least he could do since he tortures me by not eating or sleeping consistently.
*** And, more bottle!!!

*** Oh, oh!!! The best mayhem is planning our visit to the Ketchup household!!!! That'll be happening in 27 days!!! Woot woot! We're driving (please pray for us!) from Los Angeles to Eastern Idaho at the end of the month and staying for 2-2.5 months! Woot woot again!!!
*** These two munchkins keep me go, go, going!!!

Top Left: G got to M before I did after nap one day.
He climbed into his pack and play and laid with him
waiting for me. M having a Bumbo sink bath.
G "helping" make frosting for his birthday party cupcakes.
G trying to teach M to roll.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

From Bacon...I Handled Shizz

Yesterday was my post-op appointment and this is where I handled shizz!

As I've mentioned (whined) before, the hubs works 2 days at a time so it was a solo day for me. I couldn't get a babysitter for Gavin so my hatred for staples in my tummy outweighed my fear of taking both boys with me to the doctor.

When the nurse scheduled my appointment, I verified, no fewer than three times, that my appointment was at 9:30. The boys are usually up at 7am, we'd plan to leave by 8am to make the 30 minute drive (expecting a one hour drive in morning traffic.)

In this cruel, cruel world a busy morning means both (BOTH!) boys decide to sleep in. Ggrrr! I finally woke them up at 7:15. (I never mentioned that Madden now sleeps from 8pm-7am and even longer sometimes!!! I'm working on having him teach his older brother!) So, while I was feeding Madden his morning bottle I decided to check my appointment online. Sure enough, my dumb appointment was at 9am!!!

We'd HAVE to be out of the house no later than 8 and pray for no traffic to make it. Which means I'd have to hurry M's bottle, get the boys dressed, pack bottles, look presentable and load up in less than 30 minutes.

I handled shizz! We were loaded at 8:07!

Inevitably, I hit EVERY red light on the way to the freeway. Two separate times I was cutoff and those two cars made it through the yellow lights leaving me first in line for the red. Jerks!

Even then, I handled shizz because I didn't even get worked up. (Might've helped that I was on the phone with Ketchup the whole time.)

I'm not sure how it happened but we made it to the hospital with 10 minutes to spare. 10 minutes to get both boys into the hospital and check in.

I loaded Madden's car seat into the stroller and was going to have Gavin walk. As soon as he saw Madden using the stroller, he started melting down. He wanted in. I thought about carrying Madden's seat and trying to push the 30+ pound toddler, one-handed, in the stroller. Then I remembered that I had one of Gavin's "motorcycles" in the car (really, its a folding tricycle.) He joyfully rode his motorcycle into the hospital while I pushed Baby. I handled shizz!

The rest is just a fluke. Despite all the waiting both boys just did great. I can't take any credit for that. Gavin was busy but that's just normal. Madden got a little antsy in his seat but that's just normal too. I didn't even cry when the doctor took out the 10 staples that had been in my stomach for a week. Not even when the largest incision ripped open when he pulled out the staples.

Treats all around! We stopped for an iced coffee (for momma) and a smoothie (for Gavin) because I handled shizz! I was so proud of myself!

It was the car ride home where things started to come unraveled.

Gavin wanted his shoes and socks off. He'd ask for my help, I'd reach back and he'd pull his foot away. Then he'd cry because he wanted his shoes and socks off. He wouldn't drink the $2.50 smoothie because I poured it into his sippy cup instead of letting him drink it out of the cup it came in. Then when we got home, Gavin lost his shizz when I had to feed Madden. He cried for about 15 minutes straight. I finally sat him next to me on the couch and watched some tv.

But...none of that matters because I handled shizz outside of the house!!!

*No pics on this post because it was hard enough to handle shizz without taking pics.*

From Bacon...Who Needs A Gall Bladder

I know I've been MIA. No excuses. Or, really, just the same old lots-going-on-I-have-two-boys-who-run-my-life-my-toddler-now-sleeps-in-my-bed-regularly-and-my-husband-works-48-hour-shifts.

New Years eve eve (that's Decemebr 30th incase I lost you) I had to go to the ER after enduring the most insane pain that had me rolled into the fetal position on the living room floor for an hour (while the kiddos napped at the same time for the first time in days!)

EKG, X-ray, ultrasound and blood work was done and I had gall stones.

Helpful tip: DO NOT eat pizza when you unknowingly have gall stones. You will have a gall bladder attack but not know what it is and assume you're dying.

This past week (January 16th, more than two weeks from the first attack) I had my gall bladder removed. (During those two weeks I had to steer clear of all delicious foods for fear of having another attack.)

Surgery was pretty easy, the parts I remember at least. I left the hospital sans gall bladder (I'm assuming) with four tiny incisions.

It wasn't until the next day when I removed the bandaids (I'm crazy allergic to the adhesives on bandaids and can only handle them for two days before I become an itching maniac) that I saw staples. My post-op appointment wasn't for a week. I'd just have staples for seven days?!?

The bloated, stapled, gut 24 hours after surgery
Staples are not fun so have and especially when you have a toddler and a baby that like to kick! They were constantly being snagged, pulled and irritated! (Post-Op appointment post coming next!)

Life without a gall bladder is pretty much the same as before except there are more frequent trips to the bathroom. Some foods just go right through me (TMI?) It really doesn't bother me. It's currently serving as my diet as I'm making up for time without bacon while my bum gall bladder was still around.

So that's the excitement for me in 2013!

Friday, January 18, 2013

From Ketchup…Epic Mishap

If you follow me on instagram then yesterday you saw that I had quite the mishap with the soy sauce. And boy did I.

Have you ever had one of THOSE days? I don’t know what my problem was yesterday but I just wasn’t thinking. And it sucked and I paid for it…in the form of a soy sauce spray tan!

The boys and I ran to the store yesterday morning after dropping the hubs off at work. We got home and I needed to quickly feed the kidlets breakfast while I put the groceries away so we could get to Costco before swim class.

So while I was running here and there putting the groceries away the kids were eating some of those cake sugar cookies with the frosting on them. (When purchasing these cookies my gut told me it was an awful decision because they make such an incredible mess but my “let’s-just-get-a-treat-because-it-feels-like-that-kind-of-day” won out…(side note to a side note:Yes, I fully realize this is NOT a good breakfast).

Anywho, I was working up quite the sweat putting stuff away so naturally, I took off my pants. What?! You don’t take off your pants when you get hot?! No? Hmm…well you’re just weird! When I get hot I don’t take off the sweatshirt I’m wearing, that makes WAY too much sense. I don’t know what it is but when I get hot the pants come off.

So here I am running around the house like a crazy lady in my underwear, socks, and sweatshirt. I’ve put away all the stuff that belongs in the house and so I moved out to the garage to put away the garage fridge stuff. Ya know, all the extra cheese, meat, and produce. Well the damn garage fridge door doesn’t stay open on its own because the fridge isn’t level. This makes me absolutely crazy. All the while your trying to organize shit in the fridge the damn door is closing on you, hitting you in the elbow, head or back. It really infuriates me!!! So I grab the first thing I can find to prop the door open so the constant swinging of the door STOPS! And what do I grab? Soy sauce!! AH HA…my saving grace! The giant Costco sized bottle of soy sauce!

All was well until…well, until it wasn’t. Of course, because I was moving too quickly and because, well, I was half dressed and needed to be punished, the soy sauce became dislodged and crashed to the hard cement garage floor.

What a mess!!!! It went everywhere!!!!!! All over the freshly painted white walls of the garage, inside the pantry closet we have right next to the fridge (naturally this was open as I was putting stuff away), all over the inside of the freezer (which is at the bottom of the garage fridge) and all over my bare legs giving me a very cold but decent spray tan! Any and all obscenities known to man were shouted at octaves heard by every person within a 10 mile radius. Dumb.
photo 5
Soy sauce runs...reminiscent of spray tan runs no?? (damn hot sexy legs tho right??)
  I can laugh about it now…sure, but I was pisssssssed!

photo 4
See!!!...I'm a total hot mess...and pantless!
I grabbed some old towels and a huge cup of water and wiped most of it up. Unfortunately these pictures were taken after I thought “Hey THIS would make a great post” and took said pictures and man I really should have taken a pic of  my legs. Wowza!

 photo 2  photo 1
photo 3
This is what I managed to salvage...because I'm cheap!
So after I came in from the garage massacre I found my sweet angel boys playing in mounds of smashed cookies because the soy sauce spray tan just wasn’t enough.

Needless to say I found a nice cushy spot on the linoleum floor and had myself a good cry. Why?! Because I felt like it dammit!!!!! What a morning!!

Have you had one of ‘those’ days before? Interested in writing a guest post? Hit me up!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

From Bacon...PSA

Friends... If you're anything like me, you've encouraged your wee one(s) to "grow big and strong."

I urge you now, STOP!

They will, in fact, grow big and strong, and use their new-found powers to climb their big, strong bodies right out of their cribs.

This will cause complete and utter chaos as you are forced to prematurely move them to a "big kid bed."

Sleep will be minimal* (for EVERYONE,) tears will be ample (from EVERYONE) and you will consider drastic measures (sending said child to live with meemaw and papa, handcuffing the child to the bed, driving far, far away...)

I recommend you, instead, encourage the children to "stay just the way they are." Cute, cuddly, compact and IN THEIR CRIBS.

Learn from my mistakes dear people. Learn.

*The lack of consistent sleep (aka mommy-time) is also the reason you haven't read anything from me in moooonths. I'm sorry. I'm here. I have things to say that aren't all "wah wah wah I suck at parenting and can't muster up whatever is needed to re-sleep train my child." In the mean time WAAAAAAAAH!!!

Monday, January 7, 2013

From Ketchup…Mayhem Monday

The update of all updates!

Ummm…soooo…it’s been foreva, eva since I’ve written. I was feeling a little a lot guilty about this until I reminded myself that we’re writing for us and well I’ve had quite a TON going on lately. But seriously it’s been 2 months…no excuses!

*I feel like the last 2 months have been crrraaazzzy town for us. Back in November we went to Cali for by BIL’s wedding and to visit with our other halves! We had a fantastic time and Bacon and I are going to put together a joint post (with LOOoots of pics!) hopefully someday. Someday.

*After we got home it was Thanksgiving. This was the first Thanksgiving I’ve had with my side of the family in years, they’ve always lived too far away so that was nice to spend it with my whole immediate family. That’s why we moved to the ‘ho right?! Well one of them at least.

*The Thanksgiving weekend we moved out of my parent’s house. When we moved from Cali we moved in with my parents. We lived there for 10 months. It was a great 10 months and we were able to reestablish our savings account (which was the main goal) since Hunter got sick we’ve been unable to save a dime. Everything went towards medical debt. Which we are STILL dealing with but FINALLY we have some serious cash in the bank! YEA!!!

So we got all our crap out of storage and moved into a duplex with a basement. The kids are in heaven with all the extra space and I think it’s been an all around great thing. We moved on good terms with my parents and I think everyone is enjoying their own space.

*We FINALLY, finally got some test results back on Hunter and myself. We went to Seattle Children’s back in October. So basically we now know that Hunter does in fact need IVIG, the docs are keeping him at 8 week dosage intervals but bumping up the dosage because he has grown like a weed. (2 inches since July!! No wonder those pants I bought him September are now high waters! OY!) His immune system is working but not normally. His T-cell helpers (the guys that fight infection) aren’t communicating with the B-cells (his memory cells that remember how to fight infection) so the lack of proper communication makes him more susceptible to infection. We also found out that I have a genetic mutation which we suspect H has, which is the major cause of all this BUT the mutation was just discovered in July 2011 and there isn’t much known about it yet.

So the next step is to do the genetic test on both Hunter and Colton and go from there. As of now the docs are happy with the therapy plan we have for H and so we’ll continue that. They also think it’s a good idea for us to put H into preschool to start exposing him to ‘other germs’ so we’ll start that late spring/summer to hopefully avoid the major flu season. I’m excited for him and hella nervous at the same time. EEEeeee!!!! In the meantime, I enrolled him in swim class which he starts tomorrow. It’s gonna be great!

*We took our very first professional family photos ever! I’ve taken the kids to have theirs done but never with the hubs and I too. I’m ridiculously happy with them. The boys were AMAZING for the photographer and totally shocked the hell outta the hubs and I with how well they did.
THIS happy family is going to be blown up and put on our wall in canvas for all to see!
I mean COME ONE!!! I can't get enough of this one! Too much...too much!
*We had our very first Christmas here in the ‘ho as well. We introduced the boys to Peppermint, our Elf of the Shelf. (If you don’t follow me on instagram you should…, all our Peppermint mischief and other ketchup nonsense is on there). We had a blast with him and I can’t wait for him to visit next year. Hunter was just starting to really get into looking for him every morning as we got closer to Christmas. Next year he’ll def be all over it! Santa brought the boys a train table and it has quickly become our most favorite toy! Christmas was different for me this year. Last year we spent Christmas in the OICU at Children’s Hospital in Orange with Hunter so anything is better then doing that again. I need to write a separate post on all things Christmas. It’s just too much and this is already getting too long.

So if you’ve stuck around this long stay tuned…more to follow. The kidlets are in need of some lunch. Mom duties are-a-callin’!