Sunday, November 11, 2012

From Ketchup…Sunday Confessional

My mommy confession this week is about my sleeping habits. First thing you should know about me is I’m a night owl. I have been for as long as I can remember. It’s not that I can’t sleep because I’m sure I could, I just don’t want to. As a kid in elementary school I used to sit under my covers and read books by flashlight so my parents wouldn’t know I was up. Not joking. I’ve just always been this way.

Most nights I’m up until midnight no matter what time I need to get up. That being said before I had kids I was by no means a morning person. After kids I’m much more a morning person. BUT…(here it comes) although I hear my kids wake up at 6:45-7am I simply refuse to get out of bed and get them up right away. This is how it’s always been for them so they know nothing different but I basically ignore them until 8:30 rolls around.*

I will not get up before that unless ABSOLUTELY necessary. I don’t mind waking up and laying in bed listening to them chit chat away…I just don’t want to start my day before 8:30. And on most days the kidlets fall back asleep for at least a half hour.

Sweet sleeping's a little blurry but he was asleep and I wasn't about to wake him up. ;)

My big guy all tucked in!
I didn’t consciously make the decision after having Hunter, it just happened. Hunter was just an easy going baby he didn’t care to be left in his crib to wake up and start his day playing there. The hubs and I have always tried to make their cribs (yes both my kids are still in cribs and THAT is a different confessional…never you mind!) a peaceful place where they can have their quiet ‘me’ time. And they do…from 6:45-7am until 8:30 when I eventually decide to roll my fat ass out of bed. They’re fiiiiiinnneee!!!

Any other moms out there that take some time to start the day and ‘allow’ the kids some quiet ‘me’ time?

*And so you know I'm not a complete bitch or neglecting my children please know that we have a video monitor and a regular noise activated monitor so I know exactly what is going on in their room at all times and they're in no way in any danger. Just thought that needed to be added.

Nice and safe...promise!

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