Monday, November 12, 2012

From Ketchup…MM: Cali or Bust Baby!!

The hubs and I are headed back home to Cali on Tuesday night and will be spending 6 wonderful sleeps there. My bro-in-law is getting married (basically a miracle) and we are desperate to visit with the besties.

By desperate I mean we are in need of some real best friend love. We moved to the ‘ho (Idaho that is) 10 months ago and it is the longest we’ve ever been apart. I’m pretty sure before this the longest we’d spent without visiting was maybe 3 weeks. I don’t know how most BFF relationships go but I do know that what the four of us have is beyond family. We share things (overshare by most peoples standards) with them that I would not share with anyone else in the entire world…not even family.
They know the good, bad and the ugly (which works both ways) and we accept one another completely. And not “Oh yeah suuurrreee” and then give them the side-eye. We don’t hold back and we respect eachother for it.

Never did I ever think Bacon would one day become the one person in my life (other then the hubs) that I would feel ‘THAT’ comfortable around. We were basically enemies (it was mostly a mutual friends fault…she’d told us lies about the other [what a bitch!] and she did have MY name afterall) until one day Bacon had the bawls to pull me aside and say…”Hey lets just have a truce.” (I’m pretty sure she thought…’wow, she’s pretty rad, she should be my BFF’) After that we started emailing each other from work, which led to hanging out, which turned into a complete love-fest that still remains 7 years later. I hate that it took us so long to become friends but I feel like it was timing too We are completely ridiculous, over the top nerdy, laugh until your stomach hurts best friends. And we’ve both had our fair share of heartache too, thru it all we’ve lifted one another up and it continues to make us stronger.

Bacon and I are very different people with our similarities but I feel like it’s the differences that really make us a great team. We do find that we intimidate many of our other friends as a twosome because we are so close and even when we try our hardest to not let it happen it inevitably still does. We talked about trying to have a 3rd best friend but the reality is that just doesn’t work for us. At this point we have too much history and have been through too much together that having a third person come in just wouldn’t be fair to them. And I’m ok with that. I know that I’m a one BFF kind of girl. Sure I have other friends but I wouldn’t consider any of the best friends. And because my life is so crazy I know that even if we don’t talk for weeks (which would never happen) Bacon and I can pick right up where we left off and neither of us would be even mildly irritated that the other had been too busy to call.

It’s just easy. Plain and simple. Life is hard and I’m incredibly blessed to have such an amazing woman in my life that gets ‘me’! I love you Bacon!!! There just aren’t words enough to express…I love you!

So yeah although my bro-in-law is getting married and we get to catch up with the hubs family (blah, blah, blah) the real reason we are excited to go back to Cali is for the BFFs. Looking forward to some lazy days and crazy nights. Mostly I just can’t wait to be in the same room and watch tv. That sounds like a perfect afternoon together!

2 more sleeps!!! EEEEeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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