Sunday, November 25, 2012

From Bacon...H E L P!!!

Holy sleep regressions! We’re in sleep hell!!!!!!!!

We’re having trouble keeping Gavin in his new, toddler bed.
The Bain of my Existence
(I put the bumpers back on so he'd think of it like
his crib that he used to sleep so well in)
My sweet boy used to be sweet sleep just fine through the night in his crib. We (which really means 30% me and 70% Ketchup because the hubs was gone five days a week in the fire academy) sleep trained Gavin at 6 months old. It was a brutal few days but totally necessary because I was miraculously pregnant and needed some rest. {Ultimately, I miscarried at 9 weeks but I was able to enjoy good sleep anyway!)

Long story short*, this week, he managed to get angry enough at the nap idea that he climbed out of his crib (again, despite the mattress being at the lowest point – read: the floor inside the crib!)

After seeing that crib tents have all been recalled (ggrrr!), we opted to switch him to the toddler bed so that he could safely get out of bed. I mean, if he’s getting out of bed whenever he damn well pleases, I’d prefer there not also be a trip to the emergency room for a broken bone.

Well, now there is no nap (except when he falls asleep on my lap and I just lay him on the couch out of desperation) and nighttime sleep is questionable (well, it happens but it’s patchy.)
What? You don't nap in a tie?!?

Couch nap!

Couch nap x 2!
The past few nights he’s woken up crying and we bring him into bed. While I don’t really mind it because at least we all sleep (somewhat,) I don’t want this. I want him to return to being that sweet child that sleeps 8:30pm-7:30am in his own bed like a good, little boy!

The first night in the toddler bed was awful!!!

I’m not sure what the actual method is called (torture?) but we decided to lay him in bed and every time he got up, stoically walk him back to bed and tuck him in again. No anger, no snuggles, no reaction. The theory is that they’ll learn there is no reaction and give up.

Not my kid! We did that routine for AN HOUR AND A HALF!!! Lay him down, walk out, shut the door, he climbs out of bed, opens the door, I take his hand, lead him back to bed…lather, rinse, repeat…for 1.5 hours. Sigh. ::wipes brow::

The hubs eventually gave in (while I laid in the fetal position crying…no joke) and rocked him to sleep where he slept until he woke up crying at 5:30am and was up for the day. Ugh!

The past two nights, I’ve been able to lay him in bed asleep and he’s stayed there until 12:30am and 3am before crying and we bring him to our bed. Last night, I was able to get him back to sleep in his bed for five minutes before he woke again and we eventually brought him to our bed.

A few things: Right now he’s fighting the return of the head cold and he’s teething his canines. Neither of which really seem to bother him during the day. Also, we’re going to be moving him to a new bedroom. Half of me is worried that we’ll succeed (the other half of me is pretty certain I’ll never see a full night’s sleep again) at this and then have to redo it all in the new room, next month.

My dream goal: I want to be able to lay him in bed, awake, and him fall asleep, stay asleep, in his bed until it’s time to wake up in the morning. Too much to ask?

So, I need heeeeeeelp!!!!!

Have you sleep trained in a toddler bed? What methods did you use? What worked? What went horribly wrong? If nothing worked for you, tell me! Then I won’t feel like such a terrible mom! (Because I do, I feel awful!!!)

And for the love of all things good and holy, retweet this, post on your own blog sending people my way, shout from the rooftops, talk to your other mommy friends, ask your barista, etc…so I can get some advice, hints, tips, free booze, toddler-safe sedatives (joking! Kinda.) I’ll take any input I can get (but I reserve the right to ignore it or just think you’re nutso.)

HELP!!! (Yes, that called for bold, italics and underline, I'm not exaggerating!!! What's left of my sanity is in question!)

*This really is the short version. The original post was literally three times longer. I shortened it in hopes that you'd all still be reading because I'm desperate for help!


  1. My son was two when we switched to the toddler bed. We got him all new toddler "big boy" bedding with a comfy new pillow. We had it car themed because he loves cars and it made him excited to sleep in his bed. Plus I think it was more comfortable for him. We never would let him come into our bed just because I'm to light of a sleeper and I'd get even less sleep. Eventually they really do get it. My cousin brought her kids into her bed and trust me, they will NEVER want to leave! Two kids, 5 and 2, sleep in their queen bed every single night! I really hope you get it figured out. Things like that are brutal on parents. We went through our own torture with getting rid of the swaddle (my oldest was in it until he was like one!). Good luck

    1. I know you're right...he'll eventually get it. I think the problem is me! I hate to see him upset and I'm so tired already (up 1-3 times a night with the newborn) so I'm not putting in as much effort as I should be. My plan is to put everything I have into it once he's in his new room this weekend. Fingers crossed!

  2. Oh no, I cringe just reading this. We aren't there yet, but we are debating on not getting another crib, and transitioning Chloe when the new baby comes. As if that didn't sound like a nightmare enough, it does now after reading this! It sounds like what you are doing is what the Super Nanny tells you to, have you ever watched that show? I just remember it for sleep training and time outs. I'm so sorry you are going through this right now, I would say just be consistent and stick to your guns. Hang in there!!

    1. The little bit of motivation I have to make it work is that we won't need to buy a new crib. Madden is in the pack n play in our room for now. I'm thinking we can buy Gavin a cool fire truck twin bed and then Madden can inherit the set from Gavin. That's my plan at least. Right now everyone's in the big bed so there's no need for any additional beds. LOL're totally right. The "method" we used (once) is from Super Nanny. I've considered contacting her to come do it all for me.

  3. Oh boy... so sorry you are going through this. I see this in my future with baby boy #2...he starts off in his crib but ends up in our bed between 2 - 5 am...and sometimes earlier. Baby boy #1 was always a great sleeper and when he transitioned to his toddler bed, we did what the first gal did, put him in a toddler bed instead of turning his crib into the toddler bed. We would have some bedtime wars with him not wanting to go to sleep and so we started reading before bed and always read 2-3 short books and always always finished with GOod NIght moon, so he would know bedtime was to follow. I sat in his room next to his bed until he fell asleep (still do, now BB#2 is with us). Not sure it will help but maybe adding that to the bedtime ritual might help?? I used to rock him to sleep but he would fall asleep on his own (as long as i was in the room though) not sure if this is something that will work for you... good luck! I know how lack of sleep can be hell...and why BB#2 has ended up sleeping with us...not looking forward to breaking him from that habit...

    1. Glad I'm not the only one! I think you have a great idea to incorporate some very specific bedtime "rituals." I'm going to start that as soon as we get him set up in his new bedroom. Good idea, thanks!!!