Sunday, November 25, 2012

From Bacon...H E L P!!!

Holy sleep regressions! We’re in sleep hell!!!!!!!!

We’re having trouble keeping Gavin in his new, toddler bed.
The Bain of my Existence
(I put the bumpers back on so he'd think of it like
his crib that he used to sleep so well in)
My sweet boy used to be sweet sleep just fine through the night in his crib. We (which really means 30% me and 70% Ketchup because the hubs was gone five days a week in the fire academy) sleep trained Gavin at 6 months old. It was a brutal few days but totally necessary because I was miraculously pregnant and needed some rest. {Ultimately, I miscarried at 9 weeks but I was able to enjoy good sleep anyway!)

Long story short*, this week, he managed to get angry enough at the nap idea that he climbed out of his crib (again, despite the mattress being at the lowest point – read: the floor inside the crib!)

After seeing that crib tents have all been recalled (ggrrr!), we opted to switch him to the toddler bed so that he could safely get out of bed. I mean, if he’s getting out of bed whenever he damn well pleases, I’d prefer there not also be a trip to the emergency room for a broken bone.

Well, now there is no nap (except when he falls asleep on my lap and I just lay him on the couch out of desperation) and nighttime sleep is questionable (well, it happens but it’s patchy.)
What? You don't nap in a tie?!?

Couch nap!

Couch nap x 2!
The past few nights he’s woken up crying and we bring him into bed. While I don’t really mind it because at least we all sleep (somewhat,) I don’t want this. I want him to return to being that sweet child that sleeps 8:30pm-7:30am in his own bed like a good, little boy!

The first night in the toddler bed was awful!!!

I’m not sure what the actual method is called (torture?) but we decided to lay him in bed and every time he got up, stoically walk him back to bed and tuck him in again. No anger, no snuggles, no reaction. The theory is that they’ll learn there is no reaction and give up.

Not my kid! We did that routine for AN HOUR AND A HALF!!! Lay him down, walk out, shut the door, he climbs out of bed, opens the door, I take his hand, lead him back to bed…lather, rinse, repeat…for 1.5 hours. Sigh. ::wipes brow::

The hubs eventually gave in (while I laid in the fetal position crying…no joke) and rocked him to sleep where he slept until he woke up crying at 5:30am and was up for the day. Ugh!

The past two nights, I’ve been able to lay him in bed asleep and he’s stayed there until 12:30am and 3am before crying and we bring him to our bed. Last night, I was able to get him back to sleep in his bed for five minutes before he woke again and we eventually brought him to our bed.

A few things: Right now he’s fighting the return of the head cold and he’s teething his canines. Neither of which really seem to bother him during the day. Also, we’re going to be moving him to a new bedroom. Half of me is worried that we’ll succeed (the other half of me is pretty certain I’ll never see a full night’s sleep again) at this and then have to redo it all in the new room, next month.

My dream goal: I want to be able to lay him in bed, awake, and him fall asleep, stay asleep, in his bed until it’s time to wake up in the morning. Too much to ask?

So, I need heeeeeeelp!!!!!

Have you sleep trained in a toddler bed? What methods did you use? What worked? What went horribly wrong? If nothing worked for you, tell me! Then I won’t feel like such a terrible mom! (Because I do, I feel awful!!!)

And for the love of all things good and holy, retweet this, post on your own blog sending people my way, shout from the rooftops, talk to your other mommy friends, ask your barista, etc…so I can get some advice, hints, tips, free booze, toddler-safe sedatives (joking! Kinda.) I’ll take any input I can get (but I reserve the right to ignore it or just think you’re nutso.)

HELP!!! (Yes, that called for bold, italics and underline, I'm not exaggerating!!! What's left of my sanity is in question!)

*This really is the short version. The original post was literally three times longer. I shortened it in hopes that you'd all still be reading because I'm desperate for help!

Monday, November 12, 2012

From Ketchup…MM: Cali or Bust Baby!!

The hubs and I are headed back home to Cali on Tuesday night and will be spending 6 wonderful sleeps there. My bro-in-law is getting married (basically a miracle) and we are desperate to visit with the besties.

By desperate I mean we are in need of some real best friend love. We moved to the ‘ho (Idaho that is) 10 months ago and it is the longest we’ve ever been apart. I’m pretty sure before this the longest we’d spent without visiting was maybe 3 weeks. I don’t know how most BFF relationships go but I do know that what the four of us have is beyond family. We share things (overshare by most peoples standards) with them that I would not share with anyone else in the entire world…not even family.
They know the good, bad and the ugly (which works both ways) and we accept one another completely. And not “Oh yeah suuurrreee” and then give them the side-eye. We don’t hold back and we respect eachother for it.

Never did I ever think Bacon would one day become the one person in my life (other then the hubs) that I would feel ‘THAT’ comfortable around. We were basically enemies (it was mostly a mutual friends fault…she’d told us lies about the other [what a bitch!] and she did have MY name afterall) until one day Bacon had the bawls to pull me aside and say…”Hey lets just have a truce.” (I’m pretty sure she thought…’wow, she’s pretty rad, she should be my BFF’) After that we started emailing each other from work, which led to hanging out, which turned into a complete love-fest that still remains 7 years later. I hate that it took us so long to become friends but I feel like it was timing too We are completely ridiculous, over the top nerdy, laugh until your stomach hurts best friends. And we’ve both had our fair share of heartache too, thru it all we’ve lifted one another up and it continues to make us stronger.

Bacon and I are very different people with our similarities but I feel like it’s the differences that really make us a great team. We do find that we intimidate many of our other friends as a twosome because we are so close and even when we try our hardest to not let it happen it inevitably still does. We talked about trying to have a 3rd best friend but the reality is that just doesn’t work for us. At this point we have too much history and have been through too much together that having a third person come in just wouldn’t be fair to them. And I’m ok with that. I know that I’m a one BFF kind of girl. Sure I have other friends but I wouldn’t consider any of the best friends. And because my life is so crazy I know that even if we don’t talk for weeks (which would never happen) Bacon and I can pick right up where we left off and neither of us would be even mildly irritated that the other had been too busy to call.

It’s just easy. Plain and simple. Life is hard and I’m incredibly blessed to have such an amazing woman in my life that gets ‘me’! I love you Bacon!!! There just aren’t words enough to express…I love you!

So yeah although my bro-in-law is getting married and we get to catch up with the hubs family (blah, blah, blah) the real reason we are excited to go back to Cali is for the BFFs. Looking forward to some lazy days and crazy nights. Mostly I just can’t wait to be in the same room and watch tv. That sounds like a perfect afternoon together!

2 more sleeps!!! EEEEeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

From Bacon...Sunday Confessional

Confession: I wear maternity jeans.

I have worn maternity jeans since 2008...and I didn't get pregnant until June 2010.

How it started: We started trying to get pregnant in 2008. I needed to buy some new jeans and figured it would be a waste of money to buy regular jeans since I was going to be pregnant soon (little did I know we'd be trying for two years!)

Why I love them: That first pair of maternity jeans had me hooked!!! Hello, comfy, elastic waistband!!! With a shirt on (because that's how I usually leave the house, FYI) you can't even tell there isn't a restrictive zipper and button.

After I had Gavin, I didn't even attempt to get back into my "normal" jeans. I wanted to get pregnant again right away (I was hopeful) and I didn't see any reason to bust my butt to get into "normal" jeans to just get fat again.

Why I still wear them: Pregnancy left me with this squishy, little pooch up front that likes to find itself over the top of my pants, creating the beloved, "muffin top." Trying to contain it with a zipper and button only angers it and forces more of it over the top.

Nope, stickin' with the maternity jeans. Thankyouverymuch.

From Ketchup…Sunday Confessional

My mommy confession this week is about my sleeping habits. First thing you should know about me is I’m a night owl. I have been for as long as I can remember. It’s not that I can’t sleep because I’m sure I could, I just don’t want to. As a kid in elementary school I used to sit under my covers and read books by flashlight so my parents wouldn’t know I was up. Not joking. I’ve just always been this way.

Most nights I’m up until midnight no matter what time I need to get up. That being said before I had kids I was by no means a morning person. After kids I’m much more a morning person. BUT…(here it comes) although I hear my kids wake up at 6:45-7am I simply refuse to get out of bed and get them up right away. This is how it’s always been for them so they know nothing different but I basically ignore them until 8:30 rolls around.*

I will not get up before that unless ABSOLUTELY necessary. I don’t mind waking up and laying in bed listening to them chit chat away…I just don’t want to start my day before 8:30. And on most days the kidlets fall back asleep for at least a half hour.

Sweet sleeping's a little blurry but he was asleep and I wasn't about to wake him up. ;)

My big guy all tucked in!
I didn’t consciously make the decision after having Hunter, it just happened. Hunter was just an easy going baby he didn’t care to be left in his crib to wake up and start his day playing there. The hubs and I have always tried to make their cribs (yes both my kids are still in cribs and THAT is a different confessional…never you mind!) a peaceful place where they can have their quiet ‘me’ time. And they do…from 6:45-7am until 8:30 when I eventually decide to roll my fat ass out of bed. They’re fiiiiiinnneee!!!

Any other moms out there that take some time to start the day and ‘allow’ the kids some quiet ‘me’ time?

*And so you know I'm not a complete bitch or neglecting my children please know that we have a video monitor and a regular noise activated monitor so I know exactly what is going on in their room at all times and they're in no way in any danger. Just thought that needed to be added.

Nice and safe...promise!

Friday, November 9, 2012

From Ketchup…Halloween

For Halloween we went to my cousin’s house and enjoyed trick-o-treating with his family. The kids had an absolute blast and it was such a great time! Can’t wait for next year!

My little lumberjacks…


Thursday, November 8, 2012

We’re Now Offering Ad Space

We are so excited to be offering ad space for the first time EVA! Come check it out! If you are interested in a swap, please feel free to email us for a free promo code. We’d love to swap it up, BUT don’t doddle…space is limited!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

From Ketchup…Baby Shmizz ‘BRAVE’ Giveaway

Alright folks…one thing you will learn about me is that I have absolutely no shame! Well maybe a little but in this case. Not.a.chance!
Anywho, Shannon over at is currently doing a review and giveaway for the Disney/Pixar movie Brave. Now I’ve never actually seen this movie but if she says it’s a good one I’m gonna go ahead and take her word for it.

Plus…PLUS, it’s Disney, I love me some good ‘ole Disney movies. And most of the time we watch only the ones all about ‘boy' stuff being that I’m drowning surrounded by testastorone over here in Kethcup-land. SO…I need this movie in my life, right along with Tangled. So for all your own sakes please don’t enter the giveaway. It’s basically not worth your time and energy because it’s ALL MINE! Back OFF! ;)

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

From Ketchup…WW: Messy Marvins

Linking up with Jenni from the Blog!

We played outside yesterday for quite awhile and enjoyed some warmer temps, it's supposed to get really cold by the end of the week. I'm not gonna lie, a little snow might be fun! (Hope I don't regret that statement)

photo 1 photo 2

From Ketchup…Mayhem Monday (On Tuesday)

Whew!! What a crazy past couple of days!

So let’s see. I finished my cleanse and lost a whopping 8 lbs.! 8 lbs.!!!!!! Crrraaaazzzeeeyyy! Now all things considered I knew that some of that had to be water weight and I’ve put back on 4 of those 8, but the POINT is that it has gotten the ball rolling for me on my epic battle with the ye ‘ole operation get healthy, attempt 4,127,899. So here I sit munching on an apple. (MMMmmm…I love apples, no for reals I do)

Anywho…in other news…We took the last of Hunter’s blood draws for his bacteriophage study last Tuesday so it’s only a matter of time before we find out more info on his long term health prognosis. (So EXCITED) Yesterday we did IVIG at home and as always he was a trooper for the nearly 6 hour infusion. Oh and he doesn’t even cry anymore when they access his port! Say whaaa…yup, the kid is so stinking brave. I’m one incredibly proud mama.

Fighting the Benadryl while munching on BBQ chips and Horton Hears a Who!
We are currently living with my parents, mostly in an effort to help us save up some money. The medical bills pretty much decimated any savings we had and the plain and simple is we want to buy a home. This was the best way. So we’ve been here since February. And it’s beginning to feel like we’ve been here since February. The hubs has basically ‘had-it’ with the whole situation and I can’t say that I blame him…BUT (always that damn “but”) he has a potentially HUGE (I mean OUT OF THIS WORLD) job opportunity that should come together in the next 2 months, which would require us to relocate, and it just doesn’t make any sense for us to move just to have to move again. Ya know? Soooo…here we are. Trying to make the best of it and hanging in there…barely!
What else…we had a fantastic Halloween and I’m going to put together THAT post for tmro. The boys were adorbs and Hunter especially enjoyed it this year which was SO FUN! (Yes caps were  necessary!)  

Today is the 6th of November (NOVEMBER people) so make sure you get your booty out there to vote. In all honesty, I’m not a huge ‘rock the vote’ person. I do believe exercising your right to vote is a freedom that lots take for granted BUT I truly believe the system is whack and this country is in a world of hurt that I don’t know that either of these clowns (because lets face it, only Obama or Romney will win) can fix. I will vote and you should too but please make sure you are well informed.
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And because it’s funny…someone found our blog by searching for ‘ketchup bucket’…HA! I might need to google that one myself. ;)