Wednesday, October 3, 2012

From Ketchup…What’s Cookin’ Wednesday: Pepperoni Pizza Rolls

We’ve created “What’s Cookin’ Wednesday” to help you answer the age old question “What’s for dinner?”. If you’re like this Deanna (and I’m sure Deanna Bacon would agree with me on this) as a parent you are always trying to keep the bosses happy and well fed. A hungry kidlet is not a happy kidlet, and most days I feel like we go from one meal to the next, like some kind of cafeteria!

Well it’s time to shake things up, I’ve mentioned before my love for pinterest and wouldn’t you know it “What’s Cookin’ Wednesday” will bring along with it different recipes we’ve tried, some that we love and others that just turn out like crap! We might also throw in a meal plan or menu here and there to mix it up. Now aren’t you totally stoked? I sure hope someone out there is. I’m pretty jazzed!

So I have quite a few recipes in my “tried & true” arsenal that I naturally default to when needed but I love to try new recipes whenever I can. I know this is silly of me but I won’t even attempt a recipe if it doesn’t have a great picture. I NEED to know what it’s supposed to look like when it’s all done. And some great reviews are also pretty helpful. Am I right??

So without further ado…our first addition of “What’s Cookin’ Wednesday”…Hold on folks…here-we-gooooo!!!!

Pepperoni Pizza Rolls…these little pinwheels of delight were pretty easy to make and so delish! Not only did we use the recipe found here but because there was no pizza sauce in the pizza rolls we made homemade marinara to dip them in. YUMMY!!! 

photo 1
 Before the oven!
We topped ours with not only butter like the recipe called for but some garlic powder and sprinkles of oregano.
photo 2
Baking it up!
  photo 3
**Side note: These pics suck...I don't know what my problem was...please forgive me this once, promise to never let it happen back to the regularly scheduled programming!

We sliced ours with an electric knife to try keep all the gooey goodness from spilling forth when we cut it up. Worked pretty great! The original recipe called for just pepperoni but because we don’t cook without mixing it up a bit we added chopped olives, garlic and onions to one and made the middle one as a ‘margarita’ version (the hubs fav)…basil, roma tomato and mozzarella. Sooooo good!
Things We Learned Along the Way- SOME TIPS & TRICKS:
-Cut it with an electric knife…keeps all the gooey goodness intact.
-We used the frozen Rhoades white bread…had to let it rise quite a lot longer then it said on the package, even going as far as to use the bread rising function on the oven…it was cold in the house that day! We also used the convection setting and made adjustments for cooking temp and time. STICK WITH THE RECIPE TIME AND TEMP…took F-O-R-E-V-E-R!
-If you make 3 like we did the middle one wasn’t quite as done as 2 on the outside edges…take those guys out when they look finished and let the middle one cook for a little longer OR put 2 on one sheet and 1 on another and rotate!
-I also think the middle one (which happened to be the ‘margarita’ pizza) might have cooked slower because of the tomatoes and basil in lieu of the pepperoni…the extra moisture from the tomatoes may have caused it to take longer to cook. -Broil the leftovers the next day to enjoy these babies yet again!
-We made our own ranch and marinara dipping sauce but I imagine you could pop open your favorite off the shelf marinara and go to town with that too! We are dip-a-holics so any chance we get to dip, we do! And that includes my kidlets too! 
We will most definitely make this one again and AGAIN! It probably won’t make it into the every 2 week rotation but definitely the monthly! MMmmm…I already can’t wait! Oh and the kidlets LOVED it!  
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