Thursday, October 4, 2012

From Ketchup…So Long Summer, Fare Thee Well

Today was the first day it ‘officially’ felt like fall! It was 35* this morning when we woke up…35*!!! Growing up and living in SoCal for all my life it never got that cold this early on in the year. I’m pretty sure they are still enjoying the mid-80 degree weather back home.

We moved the fam to the great northwest earlier this year in Feb. Mostly to just get the heck out of Cali. NO disrespect, we love and miss Cali dearly, but we just knew we couldn’t give our kids the same lifestyle growing up in Cali that we can here. So here we are. Living in the Ho…Idaho that is. Specifically northern, in the pan handle. The best part about living here so far has been the changing seasons.

I’ve been so excited to see the change from summer to fall and it has finally arrived. I’m a cold weather girl for sure…I love to wear a good comfy sweater and I basically already live in comfy pants (glorified sweat pants minus the awful ankle elastic!! Should you ever wear sweat pants of that nature in my presence I WILL laugh and point…just sayin’). And this kind of weather makes me wanna get in a kitchen and bake up some treats and whip up some soups until the cows come home…or well ‘err the kids come home. (We don’t have cows…yet! HA! Someday I hope to have chickens…so off topic, whoops!)

Anywho, I’m excited to see what fall brings and then winter. Not so sure how I feel about snow but we’ll find out! Heck I’ll bring ya along for the journey! How ‘bout it? A born and raised, sunshine fed, self proclaimed cold weather girl dealing with snow sounds like a hot mess (err cold mess) train wreck just waiting to happen...stay tuned!

So for one last bit-of-summer-hoorah here are some great pics of the kidlets I took this past weekend. Bubbles, gotta love ‘em…I mean what kid doesn’t?

It's a good thing they are this cute and I have the pics to prove these kidlets make this crazy momma crazier!

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