Monday, October 15, 2012

From Ketchup...Mayhem Monday

Our mayhem this past weekend was mildly subdue, no complaining here.

The hubs had to work on Saturday, he was supposed to be done by 5:30 but of course in true IT nature (any other wives of IT guys out there) it didn't quite go as planned so what was supposed to be a 8 hour day turned into an entire weekend. The poor guy didn't even come home on Saturday night, which means he worked straight for 36 hrs, not coming home until Sunday at 9! 9 pm people!! Now that is a long work day.

Me and My Guys (minus Dad)
Talking to Dad on the dog chew toy bone 'phone'. Ew!!

The kids and I did a few small errands but mostly just enjoyed alone time hanging out watching movies, playing mega blocks and running around outside.

Kung Fu Panda...lazy days!

It is supposed to rain for the majority of the week and I'm so incredibly thankful to be away at my sister's place and enjoying the break from my parent's place. For those of you who have had roommates know that at some point you reach a time when every little thing your roommate does drives you batty, no matter how petty and ridiculous that little thing might be it just gets under your skin. We are at THAT place.

It was THAT kind of weekend, after watching both boys and missing the hubs...this Momma needed a drink!

We would move out but we are at a crossroad with the hubs job and to move out now could mean moving again in just a few short months (like 2 maybe) and that is a whole lot of moving and extra expense. Basically...dumb!

So yeah...looking forward to a nice peaceful, lazy week. What are you up to? Are you following us on facebook yet? Check us out!

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