Monday, October 1, 2012

From Ketchup...Mayhem Monday

Every monday we'll take some time to update you on all the mayhem in our lives. Naturally with little kidlets there tends to be at least SOMETHING going on all the time.

Here in Ketchup land we are gearing up for tomorrow as we are headed back to the Emerald city of Seattle to meet with the immunology team. We hope that they have some new information to share with us in regards to Hunter's immune system.

**Side Note: Here is a quick immunology run down for those of you who aren’t super familiar with how the immune system works. (I know once upon a time I sure didn’t!) Ok, so our immune system is made up of fighter cells called T-cells and B-cells. Those cells fight off infection and create antibodies that help our bodies fight off the infection and protect us should we encounter it again. Well, in the past Hunter wasn’t making enough T-cells and the ones he was making weren’t capable of making antibodies. So to give him better protection from the wide world of germs we have been giving him IVIG. IVIG gives him antibodies (taken from donor blood) which he doesn’t create on his own.

Back in August we ran a toooon of tests and started an immunization called a bacteriophage. Basically, it’s a man-made virus that lives on bacteria in our bodies, so it won’t make him sick but it will show us if his body is creating antibodies to fight off the virus. We can’t check his immune system for normal antibody responses because he is receiving other peoples antibodies from the IVIG, thus giving us a false positive.

So anywho, we’ve done blood tests each week since him having received the bacteriophage immunization and at our appointment tomorrow we should get some details back. If his body is creating antibodies that would be AMAZING news.

Currently, we pretty much keep the kidlets on lockdown…I mean we take them to the grocery store and they play with cousins but we have to be very careful they don’t play with anyone who is sick or has been around someone who has been sick recently. Partly due to us being overly cautious and partly because we just don’t know what his immune system is capable of.

Tomorrow he will also received a booster bacteriophage immunization which we will follow up with weekly blood tests for the next six weeks. By the end of all this we should know a whole lot more about how his body fights and protects itself against infection. My gut tells me we are going to be pleasantly surprised.

Looking for that silver lining…always searching for it! You can follow us on Twitter while we make our 10 hour journey to and from the hospital…it will def make for a LOOOOONNNGGG day! I love me a good road trip but it's going to be exhausting to say the very least.

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