Monday, October 8, 2012

From Ketchup…Mayhem Monday {PHOTO DUMP}

Is it Monday again already?! Whew…what a week we had.
Just to catch ya’ll up…

So Tuesday we went to Seattle, my mom, Hunter and I left at about 6:30 and got there at 11:40. Thankfully, just in the nick of time as our appt was at 12. After meeting with the doctors they pulled more blood on me and then needed to pull blood from Hunter for further genetic testing and to give him his second booster of bacteriophage.

Now we are pros when it comes to taking blood, Hunter has a port where they usually pull blood from but at this appt they couldn’t use it for various reasons..dumb! Anywho, the male nurse who came to draw his blood seemed nice enough and at a Childrens Hospital you kind of ASSume that they know what they’re doing. Right?! Seems logical enough…We’ve seen enough nurses to know that the majority of them are great at their jobs! Well not to say that this dude doesn’t know what he’s doing but he sure did a bang up job on Hunter. I nearly knocked his ass out when he did a botch job putting in Hunter’s IV…grrr…blood EVERYWHERE! Not sure exactly what he did but it wasn’t pretty, it didn’t hurt Hunter anymore then it would normally but scary as hell. I was trying to keep my focus on keeping Hunter calm. Good thing too…trust!

After our pokes we packed up and headed home and when it was all said and done we spent a total of 12.5 hours in the car that day. Thankfully, my sister watched Colton until the hubs got home so he was happily playing at home. Hunter did great not having a single potty accident the whole day! Woot! Woot!

So now we will do a blood draw once this week, next week and 4 weeks from now and (trumpets please…ta, da, da, dah!) hopefully before Thanksgiving we’ll know a whole lot more out our guys immune system and it’s capabilities! I can’t even imagine what our life will look like with all that new information. Very exciting and completely scary at the same time.

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Other then that…we are looking forward to spending the next 13 days at my sisters house. On Tuesday, her and her husband are headed to Maui (lucky bastards) have asked allowed us to housesit and watch the dog. The hubs and I are beyond excited. We have been living with my parents in there home now since February and it’s time…time we ALL get some alone time and space from one another they’re driving me crazy before we all go completely nutty! Did I mention I’m completely, madly, over the top excited? I mean…I’m going to be able to turn on Ellen while I make dinner and the kids can just run a-muck! SO EXCITED!!! 

**Sidenote: Watching “Once Upon A Time” while writing this post…the episode from last week, bawling my eyes out…such a frickin’ sap! Geez!!!!

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