Tuesday, October 9, 2012

From Ketchup…Fall Family Fun!

On Saturday we went decided to check a fall activity from our bucket list and headed out to the local corn maze! I’ve done a few different corn mazes in my time but this one was BIG!

Hubs and I!!
There were 3 different mazes…2 of which we completed, WOOT! WOOT!

Making our way thru the maze!
Colton was so confused why he couldn't eat 'this' corn! Blech!!
Brother hugs!! Melts my heart...poor Colton is trying to hard to turn and say "cheese"!
The kids had a blast running up and down the rows of corn and shaking the bajeebus out of the corn stalks! I don’t think I’ve seen Hunter act more like a rough and tumble boy then he did on Saturday.

Hunter making the corn...shake, shake, shake!
He was running around like a crazy wild banchee! Cracked me up and made me completely insane at the same time but I’m super glad that we went and that we all had a great time.

Dirty birdie! This happened before we even got started on the maze! Turkey!!
Pretty sure I have a very same pic of Hunter doing the same pose with Dad at the pumpkin patch 2 years ago! Cute, smiley little buddy!! Makes my heart melt! 

We came, we conquered and we went home completely spent! Have you checked off any fall activities off your bucket list?

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