Monday, October 1, 2012

From Ketchup: And so it begins…

Here we are…finally. Bacon and I have both blogged once upon a time and are now in very different places in our lives, both figuratively and literally.

Our hope by creating this blog is to share our wild and crazy lives not only with one another but with all of you out there. We all have our triumphs and struggles, God knows being a good friend, an amazing wife and raising children isn’t easy and more then anything we wanted a place where we could document vent all this craziness and share it with alls of yous. ;)

And so it begins…I’m super excited to be FINALLY starting this here crazy blog and I really hope you all enjoy it as much as (I’m hoping) we enjoy writing and sharing with you. 

Now a fair warning…we are goofy, ridiculous, mild-mannered (at best) and most definitely a hoot! BUT we will lose it, and if you stay tuned we’ll write about it all…sometimes you just have ‘one of THOSE days’! Am I right??

The bestest part about doing this blog together is that altho we are best friends forever (and eva) we are very different! Bacon is one of the super cool kids, laid back and incredibly funny. She is the calm in my storm and no matter how incredibly ridiculous I’m being she will always take my side and consistently talks me off the ledge. I almost always bite off more then I can chew which regularly turns me into a crazed maniac bitch, it’s a wonder the hubs sticks around and my children haven’t run away.

Sounds like a recipe for a good time (if you ask me), so stick around a while and check us out. You can also follow me on Twitter and on Instagram @TheKetchupMaven… 

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