Sunday, October 7, 2012

From Bacon...Sunday Confessional

Confession: My 19-month old still gets a bottle

The little bit of knowledge I have about bottles is that they should stop at the first birthday. I had intentions of doing this but I was newly pregnant with twins and feeling a little less motivated than I needed to be. I filled a sippy with milk and offered it to Gavin. He sipped, looked at me confused about why his water tasted so funny, sipped again to confirm said milk was not water, drooled milk out and ran away.

He currently gets milk before his two naps and before bed. This is very important to me because it means he’s going to bed with a nice, full tummy (read: able to get a good morning/afternoon/nighttime sleep so mommy can rest too.) If he’s not interested in the sippy of milk, he’s not filling that little belly of his. So…I bring in the bottle. He guzzles 8-10oz of milk and has a nice sleep.
Naptime bot
Lately his eating habits have been less than desirable (read: not eating) its even more important to me that he gets milk. He’s been drinking almost 60oz of milk recently!

I keep saying that I’m going to get rid of the bottle but, here’s the whole truth…I enjoy our bottle time. I have a very active, mischievous, rambunctious baby (still not going to embrace toddlerhood, nope, I won’t do it!) There are very few lengthy periods of peacefulness and snuggles for this momma. The times I do get those is when he has a bottle. We sit on the couch, I hold him like a baby (because he is) and he sits still. It’s glorious!
Bot time usually gets me some of this!
But bottle will be gone by his second birthday…maybe.

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