Thursday, October 11, 2012

From Bacon...SO Many Boogers!

I had planned to post the most delicious chocolate chip cookie recipe yesterday for What's Cookin' Wednesday. But...I'll need a rain check.

I have a sick baby. =(

Tuesday night Gavin had a full blown meltdown (wonder if he got that from his momma?) when we put him to bed. There were lots of tears and heart wrenching sobs. The hubs went in to try to reset him and as soon as he picked him up, he threw up. Yuck!!!

Ice pop to soothe a sore throat
Nice thing is, it all landed on the hubs (I'm sure he didn't think that was the best part!) He showered and changed while I snuggled the sicky for about 30 minutes.

He still didn't go to sleep easy but he finally gave in.

When we got him up yesterday morning he and his bed were both crusted with snot. More yuck!

We've spent two days wiping his little, raw nose, running for tissues every time he sneezes, rubbing vapor rub on his chest, refilling the humidifier, fighting to use the booger sucker (which he used yo love, ugh) and holding him down to take meds (who is this kid that suddenly won't take meds?! So annoying!!!)

I feel terrible that he's not feeling well but it's not taking away much of his energy. Other than being stuffy and irritable, he's still go, go, going and only slows down when the Benedryl kicks in.

Benedryl kicked in!
Daddy was holding another sleepy baby
Here's hoping this passes quickly and Madden doesn't get it (or mommy and daddy for that matter!)

In better spirits after a good nap!

Oh, and also, stay tuned for that delicious cookie recipe!!! You won't want to miss it!

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