Monday, October 8, 2012

From Bacon...Mayhem Monday

The current mayhem in the Bacon house involves teeth. Teething is an asshole!!!

Is it just me or does it feel like kids are constantly teething?!?! I mean, come on, this is ridiculous.

Auntie Ketchup advised me to get G a toothbrush
to chew on to help break the teeth through.
She's a genius!!!
Gavin is currently working on his bottom first-year molars. I'll be honest, he doesn't teeth as bad as some other kids I know. He gets irritable and loses his appetite mostly. He also gets extra naughty and I imagine that's because he's in pain but doesn't know how to communicate. He doesn't run a fever, blow out diapers and doesn't get cold-like symptoms.

Chewing on a frozen wash cloth
Unfortunately, teething means he hasn't had a proper meal in weeks. I make him balanced meals (meat, dairy, veg and fruit) almost every meal. 90% will end up on the floor. I then get desperate and start offering him alternatives (this momma runs a restaurant!) Eventually, when that doesn't work, I'll just give him whatever he will eat.

Chewing fingers instead of eating
This includes cookies, pudding, Popsicles, Cheetos and fruit snacks. Even then, its rare that he'll actually eat enough to be consider a meal.

Nice, cold ice cream sandwich to ease the pain
It's a constant battle. I HATE meal time!!! But ::grits teeth:: I haaaaate teething even more!!!

And since this whole post is about's a little Madden to wrap things up!

Those cheeks!!!!!!!

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  1. I'm with you! I hate teething. My little nugget got her first tooth at 4m and apparently had her own 12 in 12 goal-12 teeth in 12 months! We're working on all 4 nasty molars at once. She also doesn't have a lot of nasty teething symptoms...she just doesn't sleep when she's cutting teeth. I don't think she's had 2 full naps in over a week. This mama is tired!