Tuesday, October 9, 2012

From Bacon...Mommy Meltdown

As a mom, I'd like to pretend that I'm even-tempered and use the proper volume all the time but Sunday, I lost my cool.

I had a mommy meltdown.

Madden woke up waaaaaaaay too early and would not go back to sleep for two hours. Once he finally falls back asleep...Gavin wakes up.

This momma's morning started nearly three hours earlier than usual.

The morning was just busy, busy, busy. Feed baby. Wash bottles. Make G breakfast. Pick up breakfast off the floor. Make coffee. Pick up food again. Remember that I made coffee. Reheat. Change baby diaper blow out (tummy ache?) Chug coffee. Change toddler poop. Pick up screaming baby. Wrangle toddler that's angry because I'm holding baby...all within the first two hours of the day.

In the midst of it all, I had to get it all together for a bridal shower (my future sister-in-law.)

The dress I planned on wearing (a maternity dress that I didn't get to wear since the baby came so early) made me look, surprise surprise, pregnant. Note to self: the gut that remains looks like a pregnant belly in maternity clothes.

None of my clothes fit. Cue tears. I was exhausted, fat and just overwhelmed.

In the end, I unloaded to my mom, decided to just wear jeans that sort-of fit, took a shower (my first solo shower in months because I usually shower with G,) had some adult conversation at the shower and then came home.

The night ended rather peacefully and then it was a new day. Thankfully, there's always a new day. A day that was far better.

Make me feel better, I'm not the only one that's had a mommy meltdown, right?!?!

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