Monday, October 15, 2012

From Bacon...Mayhem Monday

Oh the mayhem!!!

Remember last week when I told you about how Gavin was sick? Yeah, well that…plus two!

The hubs and I came down with it two days after Gavin. And the only thing worse than a sick toddler is being sick too…but the only thing was than being sick and taking care of a sick toddler is a sick husband!!! I know I’m not alone here.

The hubs is, by far, the biggest baby in the house! Bless his little heart (that’s what you’re supposed to say instead of “good grief the man is annoying the piss out of me!”) he’s a handful. He’s the only person I know that still has a full appetite when he’s sick, which means he’s always asking what we’re eating for the next meal. He’s also fully convinced his sick is worse than anyone else’s. He’ll only take meds if I give them to him. He’ll sit on the couch with a headache for an entire day if I don’t offer him the Tylenol. ::deep breaths::
Family Nap...something we haven't done since G was a baby!
G threw up during nap and needed some big bed time
Daddy and Baby Snuggles
 So far Madden doesn’t have it! Fingers crossed he doesn’t get it. The NICU told us that a little cold could land him back in the hospital so this could certainly do it. He has been especially needy though. He used to sleep peacefully on the couch between feedings and now he’s fussing and needing to be held more. Not sure if he’s feeling off or just wanting more interaction. Poor kid is so neglected.

Gavin has developed a nasty little cough in addition to his faucet of mucus of a nose (now that’s a visual!) His cough is very productive and wakes him up. The last four days he’s coughed during nap time and threw up. Poor guy! Thinking I’ll be taking him to the doctor tomorrow.

And the poor fellow had a run-in with the bathroom sink this weekend.

Don't mind the silly face
He likes to stand on the toilet and lean over to the vanity and play in the water. Well, he was in the bathroom with the hubs and slipped. His little face caught the edge of the sink. He cried for maybe a minute and then moved on. He’s such a tough boy! Broke my heart though.

So, yeah, I intend to be back to posting and tweeting more as soon as we’re all better.

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