Tuesday, October 23, 2012

From Ketchup...Cleanse from Hell

So my brother-in-law is getting married mid Nov which means there will be pictures. Lots of pictures. Pictures that will live on in infamy and because the hubs is going to be in the wedding he's going to be all spiffed out in his tux. Well my fat ass needed to drop, oh about 45 lbs to be half way to feeling fancy!

I've lost about 13 of those 45 lbs that I wanted needed to lose. My sis decided she was going to do a cleanse. I've never done a cleanse. Sure I've looked some up and seriously considered doing one but haven't actually followed through. Maybe that's why I need to lose 45 lbs?! Anyway, we decided to go for it. The hubs, myself, my mom and my sis are all doing it together. Mostly the hubs is doing it because it's easier on me not having to worry about making him meals...isn't that sweet? Eh yeah whatevs!! (I'm such a bitch...it really is sweet that he is thinking of me but honestly the dude has already lost 3 lbs and that was just day 1...jerk!)

So we are in day 3. Day 1 was fruits only, Day 2 was veggies only and a heavenly baked potato with dinner, today is fruits AND veggies! Not only do I despise most veggies unless they are smothered in something more appetizing (read: ranch, cheese sauce, butter...etc) so Day 2 was rough...I had 2 cans of green beans, a handful of carrots and a baked potato. Of course ridiculous amounts of water have been drank, a multivitamin consumed and I'm sick of this damn headache. Go AWAY already! I haven't had a diet coke in days, DAYS! ::sigh::

BUT...(always a but...right?) I'm hoping to kick off the second round of weight loss with this nonsense and in all reality it isn't THAT bad. I'll definitely survive and heck I've got another 3 weeks before the wedding. I'm not delusional enough to think I'll lose even half that weight before the wedding but "MARK MY WORDS" I'm going to lose it, once and for all!!!! I'm sick of living with my fat ass and I'm ready to be done, done for sure! I CAN do this! I CAN...right???? Right?!?!

From Ketchup...WCW: FUDGE! Need We Say More?

Honestly, not much else needs to be said but “little miss wordy” is here to add just a few things.


My Grandpa makes the best fudge! For serious…no joking, THE best! He usually makes it for the big holiday gatherings like Christmas. Us grandkids would look forward to the huge spread of cookies that my grandma would make and his amazing fudge. It’s always been one of my sister Al’s and my favorites. We’d sneak the bite size pieces into our mouths and let it melt. Granted after a few trips to the kitchen we’d have ourselves a pretty good tummy ache but it was totally worth it, EVERY time!

I knew that making fudge was easy but THIS easy…only one could dream. Especially when “it’s that time of the month” and you just can’t seem to subdue that chocolate craving. Awww…but I may have a remedy. If nothing else it’s a good vehicle to get you directly induced into that sugar coma you’ve been longing for.

What you’ll need:1 lb. powdered sugar (that’s one box or half a bag)
1/2 cup unsweetened cocoa
1/2 cup unsalted butter
1/4 cup milk
1 cup mini marshmallows
1 Tbsp. vanilla
1 cup chopped nuts (optional) In my house it’s not an option! Blech!

What to do:
Mix the sugar and cocoa in a microwave safe bowl. Make a well in the middle, add the butter and milk. Cook uncovered for 2 minutes in the microwave. Stir to blend and then whip with a hand mixer until smooth (if you have one otherwise, get ready for a workout!) Add the marshmallows and cook for an additional 30 seconds. Stir in the vanilla and add nuts. Spread in a buttered (do not use PAM) 8X8 or 9X9 pan. Refrigerate for an hour or freeze (for RAPID results) for 20-30 minutes.

Once it’s firm cut it into bit size squares, grab a glass of milk, turn the lights down low and 


Let me know how it turns out!

<a href="http://pamelasheavenlytreats.blogspot.com/"><img border="0" src="http://i1251.photobucket.com/albums/hh550/Pamela1457/phtsunday.jpg"/></a></center>

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

From Ketchup...Boy Mom All Tangled Up

So to know me is to know that I love most all Disney movies, especially the princesses. Before we had kids I even started purchasing those said Disney Princess movies in hopes that I would one day share them with my daughter.

Flash forward 3 years later and here I sit with two boys and absolutely no girls! Now I love my boys and I say on a regular basis that God knew exactly what he was doing when he gave me boys. Let's be honest...if we had a girl we'd be broke. And not kinda sort broke, living-destitue-on-the-side-of-the-road-in-a cardboard-box-broke, but you better believe our little girl would be dressed head-to-toe in every pink ruffle, tu-tu, ribbony, lacy outfit known to man!!!

Getting as close as possible! Making me crazy, but as you can tell...glued to the tube!
But I digress...having little boys the last thing they want to watch is some Disney princess movie. They're obsessed with Cars (1&2), Kung Fu Panda, Megamind, Despicable Me (I can't wait for the second one), Monsters Inc, and well you get the picture...all the 'boy' movies! Well, I've been wanting to see Tangled and I finally sat the kids down and put it on, promising of course to put on Kung Fu Panda later in the day. OY!

Anyway, I'm obsessed. We're finally watching it now for the second time, which is great for me because who really has the time to sit and watch a whole movie from beginning to end while wrangling 2 toddlers. Not this Mom. Am I right?!

Dance, dance, dance! (Sorry it's a little blurry but he's a dancing fool!)

To begin with I love Mandy Moore, I want to put her and her voice in my pocket and have her make a musical to my life all day long. The movie is super dooper cute, and I love it! AND the bestest part is that the kidlets are totally into it too. I think there is a enough action to hold their interest because lets face it, these kids love anything that has a good music. Ahem...Megamind.

So anyway, if you're a boy mom and have given up hope like me that all those classic princess movies will never get enjoyed, shake the dust off and try them out. I'm pretty sure Snow White is next on our list, but I'm going to ease them (and their father) into this.

What movies are you and your kids in love with?

Monday, October 15, 2012

From Ketchup...Mayhem Monday

Our mayhem this past weekend was mildly subdue, no complaining here.

The hubs had to work on Saturday, he was supposed to be done by 5:30 but of course in true IT nature (any other wives of IT guys out there) it didn't quite go as planned so what was supposed to be a 8 hour day turned into an entire weekend. The poor guy didn't even come home on Saturday night, which means he worked straight for 36 hrs, not coming home until Sunday at 9! 9 pm people!! Now that is a long work day.

Me and My Guys (minus Dad)
Talking to Dad on the dog chew toy bone 'phone'. Ew!!

The kids and I did a few small errands but mostly just enjoyed alone time hanging out watching movies, playing mega blocks and running around outside.

Kung Fu Panda...lazy days!

It is supposed to rain for the majority of the week and I'm so incredibly thankful to be away at my sister's place and enjoying the break from my parent's place. For those of you who have had roommates know that at some point you reach a time when every little thing your roommate does drives you batty, no matter how petty and ridiculous that little thing might be it just gets under your skin. We are at THAT place.

It was THAT kind of weekend, after watching both boys and missing the hubs...this Momma needed a drink!

We would move out but we are at a crossroad with the hubs job and to move out now could mean moving again in just a few short months (like 2 maybe) and that is a whole lot of moving and extra expense. Basically...dumb!

So yeah...looking forward to a nice peaceful, lazy week. What are you up to? Are you following us on facebook yet? Check us out!

From Bacon...Mayhem Monday

Oh the mayhem!!!

Remember last week when I told you about how Gavin was sick? Yeah, well that…plus two!

The hubs and I came down with it two days after Gavin. And the only thing worse than a sick toddler is being sick too…but the only thing was than being sick and taking care of a sick toddler is a sick husband!!! I know I’m not alone here.

The hubs is, by far, the biggest baby in the house! Bless his little heart (that’s what you’re supposed to say instead of “good grief the man is annoying the piss out of me!”) he’s a handful. He’s the only person I know that still has a full appetite when he’s sick, which means he’s always asking what we’re eating for the next meal. He’s also fully convinced his sick is worse than anyone else’s. He’ll only take meds if I give them to him. He’ll sit on the couch with a headache for an entire day if I don’t offer him the Tylenol. ::deep breaths::
Family Nap...something we haven't done since G was a baby!
G threw up during nap and needed some big bed time
Daddy and Baby Snuggles
 So far Madden doesn’t have it! Fingers crossed he doesn’t get it. The NICU told us that a little cold could land him back in the hospital so this could certainly do it. He has been especially needy though. He used to sleep peacefully on the couch between feedings and now he’s fussing and needing to be held more. Not sure if he’s feeling off or just wanting more interaction. Poor kid is so neglected.

Gavin has developed a nasty little cough in addition to his faucet of mucus of a nose (now that’s a visual!) His cough is very productive and wakes him up. The last four days he’s coughed during nap time and threw up. Poor guy! Thinking I’ll be taking him to the doctor tomorrow.

And the poor fellow had a run-in with the bathroom sink this weekend.

Don't mind the silly face
He likes to stand on the toilet and lean over to the vanity and play in the water. Well, he was in the bathroom with the hubs and slipped. His little face caught the edge of the sink. He cried for maybe a minute and then moved on. He’s such a tough boy! Broke my heart though.

So, yeah, I intend to be back to posting and tweeting more as soon as we’re all better.

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

From Bacon...SO Many Boogers!

I had planned to post the most delicious chocolate chip cookie recipe yesterday for What's Cookin' Wednesday. But...I'll need a rain check.

I have a sick baby. =(

Tuesday night Gavin had a full blown meltdown (wonder if he got that from his momma?) when we put him to bed. There were lots of tears and heart wrenching sobs. The hubs went in to try to reset him and as soon as he picked him up, he threw up. Yuck!!!

Ice pop to soothe a sore throat
Nice thing is, it all landed on the hubs (I'm sure he didn't think that was the best part!) He showered and changed while I snuggled the sicky for about 30 minutes.

He still didn't go to sleep easy but he finally gave in.

When we got him up yesterday morning he and his bed were both crusted with snot. More yuck!

We've spent two days wiping his little, raw nose, running for tissues every time he sneezes, rubbing vapor rub on his chest, refilling the humidifier, fighting to use the booger sucker (which he used yo love, ugh) and holding him down to take meds (who is this kid that suddenly won't take meds?! So annoying!!!)

I feel terrible that he's not feeling well but it's not taking away much of his energy. Other than being stuffy and irritable, he's still go, go, going and only slows down when the Benedryl kicks in.

Benedryl kicked in!
Daddy was holding another sleepy baby
Here's hoping this passes quickly and Madden doesn't get it (or mommy and daddy for that matter!)

In better spirits after a good nap!

Oh, and also, stay tuned for that delicious cookie recipe!!! You won't want to miss it!

From Ketchup…Crazy Cleaning Lady

I have a sickness…admittedly, I just can’t help myself. I’m like Monica from Friends. Probably not THAT bad but like I said, I just can’t help myself.

In most cases it’s a great thing that I keep things neat, clean and orderly. With Hunter’s medical issues it has only gotten worse. We are I am always so nervous that he is going to get sick it’s become the only thing I can control…I can control the crazy cleaning lady inside me. Well most of the time I can.

So like I mentioned we’ve been given the fantastic pleasure of staying at my sister’s home while she is in Maui. She has a dog. A chocolate lab. And light gray carpet. Can you see where I’m going with this. Now the hubs and I had a dog, a yorkie, once upon a time before kids and I always thought of myself as a dog person. I grew up having a dog and well I like animals. This has changed.
I don’t want a dog. (The hubs was adamant that he gets this in writing, as someday I want the boys to have a dog and he knows this.) I feel like it’s an important right of passage for a boy especially. Well for the time being I will only consider dogs that do not shed, drool, lick or smell. If you find one of those please email me.

Anywho, the boys and I got here on Tuesday. My sister is not like me…she works full time, has lots of extra-curriculars and just isn’t interested in keeping a home. We were both raised in a home where we had chores and I think my mom would agree that she likes things ‘a certain way’. So I cleaned, cleaned on Tuesday and cleaned on Wednesday. You name it and I did it. AND I’m beginning to wonder if my sister had this plan all along…she knows my crazy…bitch!

The crumbs on the hardwood no longer stick to my feet, the fridge doesn’t have a weird stench or goo drips, dust has been removed from nearly all objects and flat surfaces, laundry has been done and dog drool has been removed from the glass door…to name a few. And now my crazy cleaning lady has been put back in check to return as needed.

I’m seriously beginning to think I should charge for my crazy services…anyone need some help? (Fair warning: I’m not cheap but I am good! hehehe)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

From Ketchup…What’s Cookin’ Wednesday

Time for another addition of WCW.

I pinned this recipe to my pinterest quite awhile ago and was just looking for the best time to mix it in with the regularly scheduled programming. Finally had my chance and I decided to serve these sliced baked potatoes with crockpot ribs.

First off you have to slice the potatoes really thin, I used a crazy sharp ceramic knife to do this. {Watch out for those freshly manicured nails...HA}

Then you place them in the pan, drizzle with olive oil, LOTS of salt and pepper (I’ll explain later…not just an addict) and butter.

Stick those suckers in the oven at 425* to cook up nice and golden brown.


Alright…now the nitty gritty. These did NOT turn out as I expected and I was NOT pleased at all! First off the damn recipe says 425* for 40-45 mins…try more like an hour and a half! To be fair, I used HUGE potatoes (Idaho spuds) but seriously nearly twice as long as the recipe called for is ridiculous and 425* is hot!

I kept testing them as they baked to make sure they were done all the way thru and the middles never really got there! AND the outside really wasn’t that crispy…at least not like I had hoped for.

Also…I didn’t use enough salt. They kinda tasted blah! B-O-R-I-N-G…for as long as it took I should have just made plain ‘ole baked potatoes. Although, these sure do look prettier don't they? Ugh...whatev...disappointed doesn't even cover it!

No thanks! Won’t be doing THIS one again!!!

Do you have a recipe you want to try and just are sure it’s worth the time and effort…send it to me…I’ll give it a whirl and let you know if it’s worth your time! 

From Ketchup...WW: Being Silly

Shirt Hair!!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

From Ketchup…Fall Family Fun!

On Saturday we went decided to check a fall activity from our bucket list and headed out to the local corn maze! I’ve done a few different corn mazes in my time but this one was BIG!

Hubs and I!!
There were 3 different mazes…2 of which we completed, WOOT! WOOT!

Making our way thru the maze!
Colton was so confused why he couldn't eat 'this' corn! Blech!!
Brother hugs!! Melts my heart...poor Colton is trying to hard to turn and say "cheese"!
The kids had a blast running up and down the rows of corn and shaking the bajeebus out of the corn stalks! I don’t think I’ve seen Hunter act more like a rough and tumble boy then he did on Saturday.

Hunter making the corn...shake, shake, shake!
He was running around like a crazy wild banchee! Cracked me up and made me completely insane at the same time but I’m super glad that we went and that we all had a great time.

Dirty birdie! This happened before we even got started on the maze! Turkey!!
Pretty sure I have a very same pic of Hunter doing the same pose with Dad at the pumpkin patch 2 years ago! Cute, smiley little buddy!! Makes my heart melt! 

We came, we conquered and we went home completely spent! Have you checked off any fall activities off your bucket list?

From Bacon...Mommy Meltdown

As a mom, I'd like to pretend that I'm even-tempered and use the proper volume all the time but Sunday, I lost my cool.

I had a mommy meltdown.

Madden woke up waaaaaaaay too early and would not go back to sleep for two hours. Once he finally falls back asleep...Gavin wakes up.

This momma's morning started nearly three hours earlier than usual.

The morning was just busy, busy, busy. Feed baby. Wash bottles. Make G breakfast. Pick up breakfast off the floor. Make coffee. Pick up food again. Remember that I made coffee. Reheat. Change baby diaper blow out (tummy ache?) Chug coffee. Change toddler poop. Pick up screaming baby. Wrangle toddler that's angry because I'm holding baby...all within the first two hours of the day.

In the midst of it all, I had to get it all together for a bridal shower (my future sister-in-law.)

The dress I planned on wearing (a maternity dress that I didn't get to wear since the baby came so early) made me look, surprise surprise, pregnant. Note to self: the gut that remains looks like a pregnant belly in maternity clothes.

None of my clothes fit. Cue tears. I was exhausted, fat and just overwhelmed.

In the end, I unloaded to my mom, decided to just wear jeans that sort-of fit, took a shower (my first solo shower in months because I usually shower with G,) had some adult conversation at the shower and then came home.

The night ended rather peacefully and then it was a new day. Thankfully, there's always a new day. A day that was far better.

Make me feel better, I'm not the only one that's had a mommy meltdown, right?!?!

Monday, October 8, 2012

From Bacon...Mayhem Monday

The current mayhem in the Bacon house involves teeth. Teething is an asshole!!!

Is it just me or does it feel like kids are constantly teething?!?! I mean, come on, this is ridiculous.

Auntie Ketchup advised me to get G a toothbrush
to chew on to help break the teeth through.
She's a genius!!!
Gavin is currently working on his bottom first-year molars. I'll be honest, he doesn't teeth as bad as some other kids I know. He gets irritable and loses his appetite mostly. He also gets extra naughty and I imagine that's because he's in pain but doesn't know how to communicate. He doesn't run a fever, blow out diapers and doesn't get cold-like symptoms.

Chewing on a frozen wash cloth
Unfortunately, teething means he hasn't had a proper meal in weeks. I make him balanced meals (meat, dairy, veg and fruit) almost every meal. 90% will end up on the floor. I then get desperate and start offering him alternatives (this momma runs a restaurant!) Eventually, when that doesn't work, I'll just give him whatever he will eat.

Chewing fingers instead of eating
This includes cookies, pudding, Popsicles, Cheetos and fruit snacks. Even then, its rare that he'll actually eat enough to be consider a meal.

Nice, cold ice cream sandwich to ease the pain
It's a constant battle. I HATE meal time!!! But ::grits teeth:: I haaaaate teething even more!!!

And since this whole post is about Gavin...here's a little Madden to wrap things up!

Those cheeks!!!!!!!

From Ketchup…Mayhem Monday {PHOTO DUMP}

Is it Monday again already?! Whew…what a week we had.
Just to catch ya’ll up…

So Tuesday we went to Seattle, my mom, Hunter and I left at about 6:30 and got there at 11:40. Thankfully, just in the nick of time as our appt was at 12. After meeting with the doctors they pulled more blood on me and then needed to pull blood from Hunter for further genetic testing and to give him his second booster of bacteriophage.

Now we are pros when it comes to taking blood, Hunter has a port where they usually pull blood from but at this appt they couldn’t use it for various reasons..dumb! Anywho, the male nurse who came to draw his blood seemed nice enough and at a Childrens Hospital you kind of ASSume that they know what they’re doing. Right?! Seems logical enough…We’ve seen enough nurses to know that the majority of them are great at their jobs! Well not to say that this dude doesn’t know what he’s doing but he sure did a bang up job on Hunter. I nearly knocked his ass out when he did a botch job putting in Hunter’s IV…grrr…blood EVERYWHERE! Not sure exactly what he did but it wasn’t pretty, it didn’t hurt Hunter anymore then it would normally but scary as hell. I was trying to keep my focus on keeping Hunter calm. Good thing too…trust!

After our pokes we packed up and headed home and when it was all said and done we spent a total of 12.5 hours in the car that day. Thankfully, my sister watched Colton until the hubs got home so he was happily playing at home. Hunter did great not having a single potty accident the whole day! Woot! Woot!

So now we will do a blood draw once this week, next week and 4 weeks from now and (trumpets please…ta, da, da, dah!) hopefully before Thanksgiving we’ll know a whole lot more out our guys immune system and it’s capabilities! I can’t even imagine what our life will look like with all that new information. Very exciting and completely scary at the same time.

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Other then that…we are looking forward to spending the next 13 days at my sisters house. On Tuesday, her and her husband are headed to Maui (lucky bastards) have asked allowed us to housesit and watch the dog. The hubs and I are beyond excited. We have been living with my parents in there home now since February and it’s time…time we ALL get some alone time and space from one another they’re driving me crazy before we all go completely nutty! Did I mention I’m completely, madly, over the top excited? I mean…I’m going to be able to turn on Ellen while I make dinner and the kids can just run a-muck! SO EXCITED!!! 

**Sidenote: Watching “Once Upon A Time” while writing this post…the episode from last week, bawling my eyes out…such a frickin’ sap! Geez!!!!